Friday, July 20, 2007

Day Zero!!

OK peeps! Technically, this is Pottergasm day! (it's 12:10pm) Wow, huh?

After a chat with Amanda, I realised that I would need to call the store in the morning and find out more about expected crowd sizes, limitations on customer numbers, etc. Yikes. I think we're going to have to skive off of red-belt classes. We need some of Fred and George's Skiving Snack Boxes. ^_^

It's not so bad if we do. We busted our butts in class today. Bigtime. I got plenty of exercise just laughing during warmups after the guy behind me made a comment during jumping jacks that I immediately misinterpreted. MuNKi joined in the frivolity immediately, realising instantly what I must have heard (or thought I'd heard) and there was some general silliness from there on out. I love this group of people! :)

We had a full house and got paired up on bags and worked so stinking hard! I soaked my entire shirt just in class. Usually it takes class and sparring to do this. Sorry if that's TMI. It just feels really amazingly great to work like that and come out still smiling. ^_^ And then it was on to sparring, where I got paired up with the sweatiest guy in class for drills. He literally rains on the floor. Seriously. That was a good match-up since we both have long legs. We killed ourselves even more, and still managed to have a good time. Somehow the guys paired up beside us both got broken. But they'll be OK. It wasn't anything serious.

Earlier today the sky opened up and just dropped an ocean on us. It was amazing! I love thunderstorms. The Littles and I left the house in dry weather, though there was a bolt of lightning rending the sky in front of us. By the time we got to the stoplight by the library (a block-ish away) it was HAILING. And when we reached the library about a minute later, I could barely see a thing. I let the Littles out and parked (fortunately the closest spot possible was available) and then RAN. Didn't matter. I was drenched. What fun! The wind was blowing like crazy. I gathered the herd, and we watched the wind and rain for a bit, then RAN to the car. Well, some of the girls started running the wrong way (towards where we always park) and by the time we were all in the van, yes, we may as well have been swimming.

When we got home, there was no lightning left, so the Bigs played out in the rain and hail. What fun. :) I love when the weather is hairy like that.

Have a very Harry day. ^_^


ARM said...

POTTERGASM1!!! Love it.

I just got a message from my friend in VA...she just went to Borders and picked up a bracelet. So they probably are giving out bracelets but it sounds like you can pick them up at any time unless each Borders is different, which I doubt they are. Unlike B&N where I have to wait until 6 pm!

I'm still getting info on TKD for me. I got ahold of another academy last night and they have one of those orientation things where we can go and see what it's all about. One of the other places also told me that some places increase the tuition as you increase your ranks? Is that normal? That place that told me that said that they don't. It's gonna be tough picking because I want one with the right attitude and good instructors, but I also want it to be a bit more affordable. Do the two co-exist?

Ok, I'm officially freaking out! I am quite possibly the most impatient person when it comes to stuff like this and I will be bouncing all day long. So it's a good thing I'm not at work.

Candace said...

I'm SOOOOO glad you said something. I called this morning and there was a line an hour long. But by the time we got there, there was no line at all! YAY!! We hung out there with our friends for a while. I got a time turner for the kids to share, and Sluggie (aka Miss MommyHelper Moneybags) bought her own. :)

We have a silver wristband. First 3 groups are 50 peeps. Next group is 150, and then our group of 150. Yee haw! ^_^

Ack! I've never heard of incresing tuition as you increase in rank. Testing costs more for some tests, but the tuition thing is a new one on me.

The flash and dash ones arent' necessarily the best. Actually, they're often the worst. The things I definitely recommend:

Find a Korean Master - you're getting a much more traditional aspect of the sport, less removed from the source and less geared to American attitudes.

Watch a class or two and watch how the master interacts with the students? Does he teach classes, or leacve it all to minions? Higher ranking students should definitely be involved in helping with warmups and teaching sometimes, but if the Master is hands-off, it's not the greatest place.

Hmm. I have a whole email worth of stuff to send you, actually. So I'll do that, LOL!

I'm bouncy too!

OMG did you hear that the NY Times reviewed the book today? Bastards!

Diesel said...

Didn't you know that Harry Potter leads to Satanism?

Candace said...

Pipe down! I'm trying to get this Black Sabbath CD to play backwards and I can't hear it. ^_^

I already have my Mark of the Beast. (wristband) Get yours while you can! ^_^