Monday, July 09, 2007


Yesterday was exhausting but fun. I don't think we got any fantabulous pictures, but the show was awesome. The Blue Angels are still my favourite demo team, in spite of my loyalty to the Air Force. :) But I think something was wrong with Fat Albert, because last time that part was a lot more spectacular. I don't think the JATO bottles even lit this time. I saw no fire at all, whereas last time I remember it looking exactly like this. But the Fat Albert part is just the warm up, anyway. And it was still cool.

I've been checking out author Bruce Littlefield's site. His book Garage Sale America sounds like a lot of fun. And with our big sale coming up, it should be inspirational reading. If I can get my hands on a copy, I'll be one step closer to World Domination. ^_^ Be sure to head on over to Blondeblogger's blog and enter her contest!

Nothing earth-shattering pic-wise, but at least you can get the idea. . .

Don't try this at home.

No, realli.

At times, the separation between wingtips is a mere 18". O_O

In other news, it was haircut day for the boys yesterday, and in a bizarre twist on the usual buzz, I cut an arrow into Fishy's hair. Well, out of it. It's like a mowhak, but shaped like an arrow. Think the Avatar with hair instead of tattoos. I'm not sure how long he'll keep it like that, but it's entertaining. Yeah, I know. I should take a picture.

And in spite of making an effort to slow down, I still finished the 6th Harry Potter book last night. Hope I remember all the details when the new one comes out. After all this Pottering, I find weird words popping randomly into my head. Like "bubotuber pus."
Pics of the decluttered room later today.

No, realli. ^_^


ARM said...

I love the world domination tag. Air shows freak me out...I don't like loud noises.

I'm totally jealous of the Monkey Boy if he gets to see you this week. You know that right?

(I'm going to try and get through this comment w/out talking to you about HP....and that doesn't count as talking about it either).

Candace said...

Everyone should have a goal, right? ^_^

Do you have Monkey Boy's ph#? I'm not sure how we're gonna set this up unless he emails me or I call him, LOL!

Now why would anyone want to comment w/out mentioning HP? Why?

I'm totally living HP, LOL! I've been looking up recipes for butterbeer and stuff like that and we're going to decorate the house in a Hogwartsy sort of way. After I make cookies. :)

Hmm, maybe we should do a trial run of the butterbeer tonight. . .

ARM said...

I only have his work # programmed into my phone (and that's not going to do you a heck of a lot of good). I think I might have his cell # written somewhere at work (again, not doing you any good). He's probably contacted you by now anyway. Are you CST or Eastern time? I always forget where MI is in the time zone line.

Oh! that's awesome that you're decorating the house! And I've seen a few butterbeer recipes. If the recipe you have turns out good let me know. I may have to try and make some, too.

Airam said...

Those are some really great shots!

ARM said...

I got my Entertainment Weekly today. And I always flip to the last page because sometimes Stephen King writes articles. Anyway, this week he did. And it made me cry. I already warned my friends that I will be bawling next Friday. It's already begun


Candace said...

Ohh! Thanks for that! I'd never have seen it otherwise. I think he makes an EXCELLENT point when he says ". . .but it's going to boil down to something that many will feel and few will come right out and state: No ending can be right, because it shouldn't be over at all. The magic is not supposed to go away."

Wow. So true.

But the closure thing - yeah. Also true. Smart guy, that King. :)

Claire said...

arm, thanks for that link. I don't care what anyone says, I love SK. The Stand is one of my all time ab fab favs. So true what he says about the feeling when it is all over! I actually liked the way he ended the Dark Tower series. I'm so looking forward to the last HP. It will be hard to read, but wonderful because it is certainly one of the best original ideas to come down the pike in a long time.
btw- Heart Shaped Box by SK's boy is actually a pretty good read. I think it's cool that he tried to Not let anyone know who his famous dad is.

ARM said...

That is an excellent point and I just wrote a blog post about that point! Too funny.

Claire, Stephen King is THE man. I just started Lisey's Story. He can tell a tale like no other.

thisismarcus said...

It's like the Transformers Kama Sutra!

Candace said...

Claire - that's impressive that he would do that instead of trying to ride on his dad's coattails. Does he use a pseudonymn or just keep it low key? I haven't read much King since I'm not so much into horror, but I really liked The Stand.

Amanda - I'm meeting Monkey Boy TODAY!!!! ^_^ Are you jealous of me? Are you? Huh? ^_^ I hope it works out. :) I'll try to remember my camera for proof.

I'll have to check out your post. :)

Marcus - LOL! Scary but true now that you point it out. ^_^

ARM said...

No! I'm jealous of Monkey Boy that HE gets to meet YOU!!! (Ok...honestly, I would love to meet both of you). I told him to take his computer so he could do a video blog with you in it.

egan said...

Yeah, we met. The Blue Angels come to Seattle each year and it's pretty damn cool. They come every Labor Day weekend as part of the Seafair activities. Monkey Boy in the house.

Candace said...

The Thunderbirds are cool, too, but I heart the Angels the most. My friend was so Jonesing to meet the pilots. Apparently she has a thing for uniforms. (who doesn't?) I was more than willing ot send the guys off to the van with all the chitlins and give her moral support but it had just been a very, very long day. Which is probably for the best.

But seriously. Every year? I heard that the last time they were here was '81. Not fair! I know, I know, the fair's in July. ^_^