Thursday, July 26, 2007

Diesel You Can Afford

It's here! Diesel that will give you unlimited mileage for one low price, and is environmentally friendly to boot.

That's right, folks! Diesel is releasing a compilation in actual book form of his best blog posts, paired with some never-before viewed, untouched-by-human-hands, freshly mattress-tagged, non GMO, non-pesticide, non-tested-on-animals, organic, preservative-free material. "Antisocial Commentary: From the Secret Files of the Mattress Police" is going to be published on 8/15, but you can start placing “pre-orders” on Diesel's fabulous site on 7/26. That's right! Today!! It’s going to retail for $11.95 + S&H for those poor sods who aren't in the know, but you can pre-order a signed copy for $9.95 with free shipping. Does life get any better? Well, Daniel Craig could phone you up I guess. And if you buy this book, maybe he will.

I adore Diesel for many reasons, not the least of which being that be bribed me to write this post. ;-) From Caption contests to cutting edge Geographical and Celebrity News, to Bold Political Commentary, he never fails to make me laugh. And if I can't laugh with him, I can always laugh AT him. ^_^

Now, of course, like the rest of the world already does, you could just read Diesel's posts for free on his blog, but bringing these glorious works to paper opens up whole worlds of new possibilities -- toilet paper and lopsided origami fodder being just two possible uses. Why not rip out a particularly relevant post, fold it into a paper airplane (with a very sharp nose) and sail it into your boss's office? If you're lucky, you might even hit him/her in the eye. Or go evangelical on someone's ass and nail "Harry Potter and the Inevitable Slide into Satanism" to their door (preferably in the middle of the night.) You might consider smacking a troublesome co-worker upside the head with this gem, or buying 200,000 copies and dropping them on Canada from a low-flying aircraft in an effor to promote World Peace.

Really, the possibilities are endless. And so are the laughs. :)


egan said...

Book format sounds like a good idea. Shall I quit my day job? Well done Diesel!

Candace said...

Well I think we all know you should quit your day job, whether you publish or not. You, particularly, might try that paper airplane thinggy. ^_^

Claire said...


egan said...

Paper airplane thingy? I'm not privy to your words teach.

ARM said...

I love that Daniel Craig link.

A lot.

Woot for Diesel publishing!

egan said...

Hey Candace, what I want to know is if you did you buy a copy of the book or not?

Dan said...

Is there any beer left?

Candace said...

Claire - Yes indeed! I say we have a food fight at Diesel's blog. ^_^

Egan - sigh. One of these days you're going to have to stop coming here just to ogle my foot and read the post. ^_^
It's where I talk about reasons to buy the actualy book.

Note to self - less boring talk, more action. ^_^

Amanda - OMG. Me, too. A very very lot. :)

Yeah, very cool huh? Another brush with greatness for the rest of us. :)

Egan - Does Nage read the word on the tangible page?

Dan - Welcome! I sure hope so. Well, you can have the beer, actually. I'll have some other adult beverage. ^_^