Sunday, July 22, 2007


I dislike drug references. They make me uncomfortable. But I like puns too much to pass up on this title. :-P ^_^

The new Harry is stinking great so far. We bought another copy at Sam's today and things work like this:

Mollusc reads one. Sluggie reads one. I commandeer one, read a chapter or two and give it back, then go steal the other one, read a chapter or two and give it back. I convince Sluggie to play a computer game while I read another chapter or two. I convince her she's having too much fun to quit and read some more. I finally return it and send Mollusc to the shower, stealing her book as soon as she she sets it down.

This book does not have any slow places so far. It's addictive. But to be nice (and here is where you must award me Mother of the Year or perhaps Century) I prise the book from my hand and allow the girls to take it to bed while MuNKi and I watch a movie. This is not easy. This is painful. I find myself shaking and delirious. Is that a dementor in the corner? Hermione is giggling and waving at me from the other couch. She wants me to go and get the book back. No! I can do this!

Who am I kidding? No I can't. Accio book! Accio book! Why isn't it working? Accio book dammit!!

I struggle through the Russell Crowe film. The trembling won't stop and Russell doesn't look nearly as hot as usual. Jeff doesn't get nearly enough lines. That guy who's in everything these days appears, and his wistful ogling of Christie's bum almost distracts me, but I can feel myself sliding back into that pit of desperation. I need the book. Nothing is good without the book. The book makes everything sharper, brighter, and better-smelling.

The stupid film doesn't have a blooper reel. WTF is wrong with directors these days?! How am I supposed to keep going like this? There are 3 Russell Crowe music vids on the menu, and a desperate mashing of buttons on the remote produces 3 songs with pretty good melody, rather decent singing and crap lyrics. Oh the humanity!

One of those kids had better be asleep by now. That's all I can say.


egan said...

Oops, I made a drug reference yesterday. Noted. I'm so glad you bought another copy. I've been feverishly reading the book today.

Slade said...

too slade and I bought 2 copies because we fought over the last one!

Candace said...

Egan - Did you?

You're such a devoted reader. It's like the time you read War and Peace in 3 days.

Slade - HA!! Wise choice. ^_^

ARM said...

I know what you're saying. I had to force myself to put it down yesterday while I was speeding through it. I wanted to just sit and read, but I knew I needed things to compute. Wow. It's what I said when I finished reading. Wow.