Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I woke up in a tizzy about meeting Monkey Boy today, and I have nothing brilliant to say. The pictures say it all, anyway, I think.

I want to get rid of the antenna, but MuNKi uses it when he tries to watch a race now and then. Oh well.

And the "Hairrow." ^_^


ARM said...

Is that the same room? Very, very nice! I'm so excited for you & EFO!!!! Have fun!! And Fishy is too cute with that "hairrow" (tee hee).

brookem said...

i love the pictures! the kids have great room(s?)!! love the haircut! have fun tonight!

Airam said...

Yah for meeting monkey boy!

Hope you come back with lots of stories to tell!

Candace said...

Amanda - It's the only room that was anywhere near decent for EFO. :-P

Fishy wants to keep the "hairrow" for a while. :)

Brookem - Thanks! :) Only one room so far, the other 2 are next.

Airam - He tried to ditch me, but I tracked him down. ;) I hope you had a great birthday! :)

egan said...

Avatar! I know that arrow now. Um, the room looked much different when I came over. Hey, I loved your house. There's so much warmth in your house and I look forward to creating a similar feeling with our family. You were excited to meet me?

Candace said...

You are too kind. :) You are going to have a warm house, too, I can tell. Though it will probably be cleaner.

Giddy, LOL!