Thursday, July 12, 2007


There will be swearing. You have been warned. I've been a potty-fingers all week anyway. If you don't like swearing, now is the time to turn back. Well, after the next 2 paragraphs, more accurately.

Weird night at TKD. I was ranking student except for the Master's wife, who tends to hang out at the back due to ankle injuries, so I was appointed to do warm-ups. Then, after kicks, the Master had me lead everyone in forms while he took the 3 noobs to teach one-on-one (OK one-on-three.) OK THAT is a new one. I goggled at his wife for a moment and she was all "Don't look at ME!" LOL. So I led forms with a walkthrough for everyone for the first times through, and then put them on autopilot for the second. Surprisingly I didn't hose anything up. Yay. I guess teaching the Kid Classes has gotten it firmly ingrained in my head. There were only 3 of us staying for sparring, so we figured we'd get sent home, but it turns out he had us work on paddles, which is really fun. He holds the paddles out in different ways - presenting different targets of opportunity - and we have to react appropriately. Hopefully anyway.

Oh, and I got felt up at class. Sluggie is a total kid magnet and she was holding this adorable 2 year old boy with white-blonde hair. He looks so much like Fishy did at that age. And he turned to me and put his hand right on my boob. G (classmate of squeaker prank fame) was just looking all goggle-eyed, which made me laugh, and I told the toddler "you can get awway with that becase you are 2." ^_^

But on to the fuckitivity. Because frick and frack and frig and all that shit is too mild. We get home from TKD and I notice a puddle on the floor in front of the dishwasher. You know what's coming. I open the door and see lotsa water and suds still in there. Not good. I close the door and latch it again and it turns on again. WTF?? It should have been done hours ago. And now it's pumping steam out from somewhere at the top (right about where that flappy black thing I've never seen before is half falling out of the door) and burning the piss out of my hands. (not that my hands are commonly full of piss, but. . .) Shit. (Ok, no, they're not often full of shit either - well, unless I'm putting shit away, but Efo knows that doesn't happen much. ;) )

Why does the timing on these things always have to be so damn bad?

On a totally unrelated note, I have 90 things checked out from the library, 6 holds, and a $0.25 fine. I do love the library.


ARM said...

That sucks! Appliances piss me off quite often. We came home a month ago or so to our washer leaking all over the place and our cat freaking out (her room is the laundry room). Hopefully it's just this and not any other appliance like your other post!

Hey! You just commented on my blog while I'm writing a comment on your blog! WEeeeeeeird!

You have 90 things out from the library? Holy books! I just checked out 6 CD's and I'm all worried I'm going to lose them. And a quarter fine? Mine is just under the amount to where I don't have to pay it to check anything out and I can still use the self-checkout dealies.

And, as always, I love your labels.

Candace said...

Urgh that sucks!! Yeah, I'm really hoping this isn'g going to be another three-fer. Though the fridge door HAS been in the process of falling off again for a long, long time.

Heh! That's right. Keep the fines just under the limit. ^_^

I'm hoping I don't have to use these labels too often. ^_^

Airam said...

I returned things yesterday at the library that I've had for way longer than I should've.

I really suck with library cards.

Candace said...

Yeah, well, I've paid a lot more in the past. I'm just doing better than usual. :) It helps a ton being able to renew stuff online, and being so friendly with the librarians that they will override renewal limits and even holds for you. ^_^

brookem said...

ahh, what a pain in the ass, huh?
im with airam. i have no business taking stuff out of the library! i end up keeping them way too long and then i cant find them.

egan said...

Ha, the dishwasher nonsense is no fun. Your place is spotless, like the dishes too. A baby felt you up and I didn't? Lame.

Candace said...

Brookem - totally. Sigh. And I hate when library books hide from me.

Egan - what were you LOOKING at??! Oh, the Littles' room?

Yeah, what were you thinking. Obviously I'm easy but you didn't press the advantage. Or anything else.

Claire said...

Jeez, I love the word 'fuckitivity'! Our house is 15 years old and lots of stuff is having to be replaced. It's weird how that crap happens in arrangements of 3 to 5.

Gawpo said...

The WHAT-tivity?! Omma GAWD, that's a great word. I'm using it.

And you do know how funny Hell is, don't you? Well, this was funnier than that!

Candace said...

Claire - It's a necessary word, I'm afraid. ^_^ Yeah, I hate how stuff goes in clusters like that.

Gawpo - Fuckitivity, Baby! I;m glad you like it. I certainly enjoyed using it. ^_^

That's quite a compliment. Thank you. :)