Wednesday, July 11, 2007


What a night! :)

Since Egan had a company dinner, I went to my TKD class, but skived off of sparring, thus receiving a rash of shit when people found out why I was cutting out early. Especially with
GuTTer MuNKi having just left town.

We finally met up with Egan at around 10pm when he was forced to accept the fact that I wasn't going to be put off by excuses. He was worried about that being late for the kids. Little did he know. ^_^

Since Starbucks was shutting down, and neither of us really felt like spending $ gratuitously on food we didn't need, we decided to head out here to the house. The same house that I had told myself only hours before did not need a frenzied pickup, because it wasn't like we were going to end up here or anything. So, much to my chagrin, the house was (and still is) at pretty much an all-time low, messiness-wise, except for the room pictured in the post below. Egan very graciously assured me that he'd seen worse. Apparently he traveled through Nagasaki back in '45.

The kids and I had planned on watching
Merlin and staying up most of the night, as this is becoming a tradition while GuTTer MuNKi is gone. They were determined to start it at midnight or later, so after some comfortable gabbing, the revelation of Sluggie's abysmal lack of US geography knowledge, some playing with Fishy's tornado in a bottle, and the obligatory blogsurf, we fired up the movie. Merlin is a 3 hour movie, and we started it at about 2:45 I think. That will give you some idea of when it finished. ^_^ Egan tucked The Prawn into her floor nest when she finally passed out, and Fishy conked out a little later, but the rest of us managed to keep going, with the aid of coffee and Pepsi. You'd be surprised at the amazing amount of sexual innuendo you can find in that film. I mean seriously. It's rife with "magical growing sticks" and yanking on swords and suchlike. Egan and I giggled like schoolkids through most of the film.

The cats were able to magically sense Egan's famous love for all felinekind, and showered him with kitty love and fur. Even Enya. Enya, who never comes out for new people. Enya, who is terrified at the very thought of strangers. Enya, who decided to rub her teeth on Egan's toes and stomp back and forth across his legs, wave her tail around in his face and settle behind his shoulder on the couch. I think Egan did get a bit of a start when Emmett decided to attack Enya while she was loafing there. She makes really loud noises when that happens.

The light of day was breaking when the movie ended, so it was off to the trampoline to wake Egan up for the drive back to the hotel. The safety net is high, but Egan can jump higher. After I fished the kids out of the woods and splinted Egan's leg, he hopped into his PT cruiser and drove off into the sunset rise.

It was a wonderful day/s. I do have pics, so when the other machine is up and running, I'll put some up. If Egan offers me an appropriate bribe, I'll only put up the ones he liked. If you offer me more, I'll do them all. ;)


ARM said...

OMG!!! How much fun! Ok, I am officially jealous that not only did Egan get to meet you, but he got to go to your house, hang with your kids and cats, AND watch movies with you!

As for the pictures, I want them all. I can provide you with books and large amounts of homemade fudge and other chocolate goodies. And if you want money, I can pull some strings.

ARM said...

And do I even want to know about the trampoline?

Candace said...

OMG, I forgot to mention the cats. I'll have to update the post. ^_^

That's my best offer so far. I'll have to give Egan a chance to speak up for himself, but he doesn't have to know if I email them all to you anyway. ^_^

I may have been slightly exaggerating about the trampoline. But he did jump on it with the Bigs. :) And they all went caroming off the net a lot. ^_^

ARM said...

My history teacher is going to be took me reading this "Apparently he traveled through Nagasaki back in '45." twice before I got what you were implying. I highly doubt your house was that bad!!

ARM said...

Um yeah...e-mail me, yo. He doesn't need to know that it happened.

Candace said...

Har! I knew I should have gone with Hiroshima. ^_^

He'll be none the wiser.

I just SMSed him through some website to see if he's still alive, but then I realised that there's no way for me to get any msgs back. I have to figure out this whole texting thing. (I don't have a cellophone.)

brookem said...

sounds like such a fun night! i vote for all pictures to be displayed.

Airam said...


It doesn't surprise me that the night owl was able to make it until the break of dawn!

Sounds like you made some wicked memories ... can't wait to see the pictures!!

Candace said...

Brookem - excellent! Heh!

Airam - yeah, I don't think he had to work too hard to stay awake. :)

Jay said...

I firmly believe that there are some friends you just don't have to clean up for.

kitkat said...

I had to reread that part about the trampoline--it sounded like Egan was sleeping on the trampoline. I thought, wow, that was a pretty wild night!

ARM said...

Hahaha!!! Cats know...they just know when there's a non-cat person in the house. Poor Efo.

What time was he leaving Detroit today?

Hey...guess what I did today while I was "working" from home. Yeah, I totally made a Harry Potter Blog.

ARM said...

Ok, WTF? Why don't my HTML tags work?

Trying this again

Candace said...

jay - You know, you're right. I definitely have friends I don't really clean for, because they know who I am and it's silly trying to fool them, plus they just don't care. I guess Egan is one of those now since I wanted to hang out with him more than I didn't want to show off my messy house. ^_^

Kitkat - LOL! You're right. It does sound like that. Yeah, Egan drank a bottle of Everclear and we couldn't get him off the tramp(oline) so we just left him out there. ^_^ I should spin a totally wacky story out of this!

Amanda - How, how HOW do they know? HOW?? I mean, REALLY! Enya does NOT come out to socialise with new people. She just does NOT. Do you think he's The Cat Whisperer?

He was supposed to leave at 3:40 I think, or right around there. I know he made it to the airport. I hope he made his flight. :)

I love your "working" from home product. GREAT name! I'm off to chime in. :)

egan said...

Yo, I'm back in Seattle. Go ahead and share any pics you want Candace. I had such a great time last night. Did we really watch a moive called Merlin and jump on a trampoline? Man, I had a great time. You're so much fun and your kids are wonderful. Sucks that I missed MuNKi.

egan said...

Again, thanks for everything Candace. The trampoline was a must after pulling an all-nighter. I'm going on about an hour sleep right now. Shall we spar?

Candace said...

Eeeeegan! So glad you made it back safe and sound. :) I know. Was that really today/yesterday? It must be true. I have this recurring "magical growing stick" theme stuck in my head.

I had so much fun, too. You're a blast, and you made a huge impression on the kids -- they've been reliving your visit all day long. :) MuNKi is soooo bummed that he missed you.

Candace said...

Dude, you only got an hour? Ack! I got 2, and then another 15 mins later on.

The trampoline will me my sure-fire waker-upper goto tool from now on.

Yes, let's spar. :)

Candace said...

be, not me

egan said...

I have been reliving the entire night in my head. It was heaps of fun even though we didn't spar. 30 minutes of sleep in the hotel and probably no more than 30-45 on the airplane. We're off to get some ice cream now. I'm glad Washington state is now on the map. Maybe next time we'll see MuNKi.

Candace said...

Heh, mee too. How would the sparring have worked, anyway? You run until I burst a lung, and then kick my ass? Are you going to sleep until Friday?

Enjoy your ice cream. :) Yes, Washington is there now. And Nevada, too. :) We go in spurts (stop it) with our goodies like maps, puzzles, geog tapes etc. So eventually it all comes around again, and hopefully one of those times it begins to stick. ^_^ I think it helps, though, when they can relate a place to a person or an experience. Makes it more real and memorable, you know?

brookem said...

sounds like you guys had a really great time! i love the pics, and the hello kitty blanket. i want a trampoline. ive wanted one for years, actually!

Candace said...

Oooh! Trampolines are way too much fun. :)