Sunday, July 22, 2007

Potter Pics

It's really bright out here!

Carpe Noctem. If it ever comes.

Caught by the prize patrol!

This is fun!

Jelly slug?

Bertie Botts vomit flavour!


Is it a permanent tattoo?

It's cold!

But cool!
(I was going to get this as a tramp stamp to surprise MuNKi, but they were only doing arms and faces. ^_^ )

Dragon for Prawn

Friend's dragon. Sweet!

***Don't read the caption below the next picture if you don't want a slightly veiled

Photographic evidence (if a bit blurry) that we were right all along.

Sluggie ♥ Snape


Almost made it!

Day 2

Someone cough up a copy for ME already!

(and Sky Chair™)

My last statement (below) contains a reference to the book. It's not a spoiler, but you might want to skip it anyway.


I think she got the best line in the book. ^_^


Diesel said...

My wife is devouring it as we speak. You people are all crazy.

I have a q for you, Candace. Send me an email at diesel -at- Please?

Candace said...

Is she going to feed you spoilers? }:-)

MuNKi read it yesterday, so now Mollusc and I can talk about it unless Sluggie's around. (she's still reading)

I emailed you, dude. :)

Delton said...

The pics from the store are great! Looks like you all had a lot of fun.

egan said...

Mollie Weasley has grown into her own.

Candace, I love the pictures of your kids. Once again they're very happy about life, but I suspect Harry Potter has something to do with that. I saw the 5th movie and started reading the first book. Do I get bonus points or something?

egan said...

P.S. nice t-shirt!

brandy said...

Molly's line was a definte standout for me. I totally wasn't expecting that to be said. Although, it fit the character and the mood so it' seems right. Looks like your kids and me pretty much did th same thing all weekend. Glad to know you enjoyed it!

Claire said...

Great photos!! I am loving this book! I'm on page 415. I have to make myself take a break once in a while. Yikes, I'm crazy.
"tramp stamp" -LOL, haven't heard anyone but my boys use that term!

Candace said...

Delton - Thank you. We had a blast! :)

PS, can you believe it's JULY with this weather?!?!

Egan - You can BS with the best I must say.

You know my kids are always happy. :) But, yeah, they loved the party and were really looking forward to getting their grubby paws on the new tome.

Since it was the first book (and if you are not lying to me) I will give you MAJOR bonus points!!! You can come hang in my chair.

PS, thank you. I did think of you. ^_^

Brandy - wasn't that AWESOME?!?!?! OMG I can so relate. I've always loved Mollie Weasley, but WOW!! ^_^ You must have had a great weekend, too, then. :)

Claire - Isn't it excellent? It certainly is a page-turner. I wanted to make myself take a break, but I couldn't. ^_^

Heh. I love the term "tramp stamp." :)

egan said...

Man, Mollie Weasley has me really curious. Don't think I didn't notice the t-shirt. Damn those nocturnal kids of yours.

I can BS with the best of them? Do I win a quiddage trophy or something?

Candace said...

You're gonna have to rip through 7 books to get there. ^_^

Carpe boobum. You love the nocturnal kids. Don't try and BS me, Mr. Challenger.

Yes you can. No, no quidditch trophy for you, but I'm going to slip some Veritaserum in your pumpkin juice one of these days. :)

egan said...

Crap, I see I still have to work on my spelling of Potterisms. Yikes. I do love the nocturnal kids. I will do my best to read all seven books as fast as possible. I'm making some progress on book one.

Candace said...

Don't worry. They'll all become second nature. :)

My kids are a bit lke raccoons. :)

You're lucky that you waited this long to start; now you can read them all in one go and don't have to wait. :)

ARM said...

I LOVE THEM!! Too cute. I got some good pics, too, but haven't had a chance to upload yet. Can I just say that there were a couple of "I KNEW IT!" moments and at one point I totally thought my big theory that I blogged about was going to come to fruition. It kinda did, but not totally. I am overall pleased. There are still a few question for me and some things I'm not sure about with the ending, but I loved it. Harry redeemed himself with me in this book. Like I said, I'm pleased.

ARM said...

I missed the Sky Chair the first pass through on this. OMG that is hilarious. The cat looks scared.