Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Block Begone!

Well, it worked! Now I'm just tormenting myself in a sort of Vanilla Sky way, lest I find out how this thing ends too quickly. Ah, delicious suspense.

Trillian, having sucessfully subdued a wad of tape, a bit of string, and her own tail, is now asleep atop 2 cushions piled on the couch. Such a princess! I'm tempted to sneak a pea under there and see how she takes it. Meanwhile, wheezy Emmett is purring and kneading the blanket on my legs into submission.

I have this incredibly strong desire to just debauch and have fun. Sheila, where are you?? You really, really need to come back. 'Tis far easier to debauch here than whilst staying in the basement of one's parents-in-law, even if heavy medication does render said PILs fairly zombie-like. Come on, woman - good food, great wine (oh, great wine! Falcon Ridge, 2001. See if you can get your hands on some. Otherwise, I'll hook you up) good company, silliness, movies galore. Sigh. Tipsy true confessions (that WAS fun, wasn't it?? :o) ) Nothing quite like family is there? Hey - so I can't remember your answers to some of those Qs. I'm going to have to interrogate you via email.

Oh yeah - bring this Michael guy. I dare you! He sounds lovely. We'll take him to TKD and if he doesn't cry you'll know he's a keeper! *grin* Can we call him Mickey? I had a hot prof named Mickey once. I was never comfortable calling him Mickey, though. Maybe if he hadn't been so good-looking. . . Anyway, you have to tell me more, because you definitely haven't given me nearly enough info. "Cute" is hardly descriptive enough. Are we talking tall? Dwarf? Glasses? Beard? Hair? To tell the truth, I have that guy who wrote to you on the Veg site stuck in my mind - the one that looked like whatsisface, um, Greg Kinnear. That's no good - this guy is prolly completely different-looking. Unless he's the same guy and stalking you under a different name, which would be kinda creepy and in which case I advise you to come visit immediately! Besides, we have to fix your car! I was talking to friends about your car today and there is actually a more dilapidated car on record if you can believe it. One of them told me about a boyfriend's car that could only be entered through the hatchback, LOL! Of course, maybe pigmallow has progressed to that point by now. But then, if pigmallow had suddenly developed a hatchback, that would be worrisome enough in itself. Now, I can't sit here all high and mighty about my car. The whole reason the topic came up is because someone noticed I have no door handle on the sliding door. Nyuck nyuck! Apparently hot air blows out through there. I'm gonna have to duct tape it. Ductapo Ergo Sum. Veni, Vidi, Ducti.

You are bad to make me stay up talking to you. You know I'm in a different time zone! Bloody Eastern Time Zone! I am not gruntled. Then again, tomorrow is Wednesday - no commitments. Now that is very gruntling indeed!

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