Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ita erat quando hic adveni

"It was that way when I got here!" Tee hee!

Mollusc has covered her shredded foot in salve and says it smells like Michael's. By this, I assume she means the store, not her friend. How did she shred her foot you ask? Interesting question, that, with an equally intriguing answer. She somehow managed to "cheese grater" it on the tub drain. You know how tub drains tend to have a cover over them with slots or holes that are intended to filter things out from going down the drain (like wedding rings. Oops!) The problem is, the injury is on the TOP of the lowest knuckle of her big toe. Would you like to explain to me how she could possibly have managed that? Because I'm still having trouble visualising it. . . She says she was "sliding around" in the tub - "skating" I'm guessing. She also claims she'll never do it again. I should think not, looking at that wound! Zoiks!

Trillian must approve of blogging because she seems to have fallen asleep in my lap. In the meantime, the Prawn spouts forth Romanian upstairs. Chiefly, the word "haiduc" - "outlaw." What strange lives we lead.

We've started on The Boggart. It's tough reading the first chapter out loud, cuz I always feel like crying when the MacDevon and his dog Fergus die. It's uphill from there, though, thank goodness. The ending of the Last Battle was very poignant as well. It was nice to be able to discuss how Lewis intended it to be an allegory for Christianity with the kids, though. The older 2 are able to grasp it all. I didn't know that as a kid because my mom didn't read fiction and hadn't ever read them. I guess I must have been a little thick not to sort it out for myself. I think it was the first fiction I ever read though (aside from picture books.) I'm eternally grateful to my mom's cousin for sending the whole set to us in Hong Kong when I was 7. Those books opened up an amazing new world to me.

Tonight was a great workout at TKD. Kicks, more kicks on paddles, then when that hour was up, an hour of 3-step sparring. I'm exhausted! Time for a bath! I think we're finally going to try to watch Frequency - or at least part of it.

I think I'm in for a rash of renting movies of the sort I don't usually watch so I can study the whole craft of filmmaking better. It's fascinating. I'm still writing daily. It really feels great to be doing it again. I've even found that I'm able to rough draft on the laptop rather than longhand. It used to be that I always had to write longhand for the ideas to flow, but I think I've successfully transitioned to typing it. Thank Goodness for that!

Off to soak. Join me if you like. . . ;o)

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