Monday, October 17, 2005

Another Suburban Family Morning. . .

Grandmother screaming at the wall. . . OK, not really.

Busy day today - writing, cleaning (Monday is our big cleaning day), homeschooling, all 4 kitties to the vet for their next to last de-lousing shot, helping Mollusc with her big bookcase project (reorganising, weeding out etc.) TKD class and sparring.

The vet very kindly gave the kids a feather from a blue and gold macaw today. :o) She was talking to us about books and raving about Because of Winn-Dixie. I actually have it from the library so I can pre-read it for the kids. She also said she'll bring in her CD of the Hobbit for us to see next week because I was telling her that we'd like find a plain reading rather then the somewhat overwhelming dramatisation we have from the library. She's a really neat person - also a UW_Madison alumni like myself - quite possibly a cousin of a high school friend of mine as well - same surname and she said there are a lot of them.

I tightened up the story some more and I've been checking out the websites of the various publishers I'm researching for possible submission. I found one already that seems to be a VERY good fit. They pay £200 for short stories. That would be nice!!

I seemed to have no energy tonight. I did OK, but man was I wiped out when we were done - head-rush and the shakes after class and sparring. Someone gave me a glucose tablet thing from Wallyworld and that helped. I'm going to have to get some to keep on hand. I tend to have some hypoglycemia issues sometimes.

CDs of the day: O-Zone - mostly Dragostea Din Tei on loop, LOL! Also Sting: Brand New Day (yes, rut, rut, rut. Who cares!?!?!? I love it!) and Harry Connick Jr. - um - gotta check. . . OK "To See You" which is nice at times, but frankly got so slow I had to go back to Brand New Day (mostly track 2 - lovely!)

Trillian is getting much less bony. Hooray! She's a real purrbox - still likes the kitchen the best.

Oh, Sheila, how could I forget?? Viggo works at our vid store! Well - he's kinda like Viggo. Tried to scope out his ring finger for you but it was a no-go and I didn't want to take his hand and just stare, LOL! (well - maybe I did. . . *grin* ) Very tall Scandahoovian sort anyway. Come visit me and I'll take you to see him. :o)

Today I renewed the warranty on our lemon of a fridge since we can't afford a new one and the door is starting to fall off again. In the meantime, I've fixed most of the freezing probs by masking off the gap with some speed tape. Yay! I don't want to call every few months for a new door - figure they'll stop replacing them at some point since the door is over $800.00 (Good Grief!! The whole fridge was about a grand!)

I have movies that people have piled on me that I need to watch and return, so I'm going to try to make a dent in the pile now. Or at least in one of the DVDs, LOL!


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