Friday, October 07, 2005

Allo, Salut!

Woo Hoo! Bought the O-Zone CD! Can't wait til it shows up!

Swimming today was a bit of a bummer for Prawn today due to a mask malfunction, but she got over it eventually.

Trillian has turned into quite the purrbox. Such a happy little bit of a cat!

I lost my wedding ring a week ago yesterday. I was pushing the kids on the merry-go-round at the park (a bunch of us homeschoolers went together after homeschool TKD class) and I must have gotten a bit too energetic - well plus my fingers have been shrinking as I shed more weight - because it just flew off. It wasn't my actual wedding ring - lost that down the tub drain years ago. This one was one I got while pregnant with the Fishy because my (replacement) wedding ring had gotten too tight. At least it wasn't an expensive one. I certainly got my $30.00 out of it. :o) I have been coveting this ring for quite some time now, so I suppose I should order it. I can't wear my 1st replacement because they soldered that to my engagement ring and the diamond fell out of that shortly after we moved here. D'oh! But I've never been a ring person and the diamond sticking out of that has always been a bother. Just think if I'd found the One Ring instead of Bilbo. The story would have ended about 2 chapters in when I lost or destroyed it!

Anyway, it's been nice for sparring, since the one I'd been wearing has cut my finger a few times (cutting into the finger beside it when I block kicks) so having no ring has been good there. I should have just taken it off during sparring, but I was afraid of losing it. The one I want to order has rounder edges so maybe it will be OK.

I watched Shakespeare in Love last night. Kinda wish I hadn't wasted my time. I kept waiting for it to get better, and then I just started fastforwarding. The acting was great, but the story just wasn't a gripper. Dame Judy Dench was a very good Queen. It was a bit unsettling when Will was making out with Master Kent (actually a woman disguised as a boy.) But that's pretty Shakespeare-ish in itself (no doubt intentionally so.) I had to follow it up with some Children of Dune just to end on a good note. I'm going to watch Tomb Raider again with John and at some point we'll get to Frequency. Mead might be required *wink wink, nudge nudge, know what I mean? Say no more...*

New post-Prawnie low on weight today. I've lost about 21 lbs since I got serious about dropping the rest. I don't actually know where I want to end up since I'm a lot more muscular now and I know that my ideal weight will be more than it used to be. I guess I'll just figure it out when I get there, though it's nice to know what you're shooting for... Maybe 15 more lbs...

I'm happy:

I also appear to have developed a squint in my left eye, because I think all the pictures I tried to take came out that way. ;o) <-- (squinty)

EXCITEMENT! Followed by a plunge into disappointment. I just saw some comments for the first time - people are actually READING this? OK, there was 1 real one, but the rest turned out to be SPAM (Acronymn for Super Pressed Ass Meat as my SIL explains it.)

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Cheryl said...

Great job on the weight loss! I'm a post-twins low myself now with about the same amount left to go.

I think after so many wedding ring mis-haps - you should treat yourself to a nice new one!