Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Yippee! I have a laptop on which to type my stories. This is important with over-the-shoulder-watching children. Ours blew up but I have a broken one from John's work that can still do word processing.

So John got the thing hooked up to our network ( so I can print) and checked it out by going to Drudge. Imagine my surprise to see this. OK, for some reason, it wasn't that big of a shock. But cool, nonetheless. Poor Pierce, though. I'll have to invite them both over for a consolation/congratulations party. :oP

I made the kitten a bed today - just fleece stuffed with fluff and serged around the edges. She seems to like it. I'll have to try to get a pic up eventually.

John got an old video of Marvin the Martian at Family Video. I have to admit to being utterly clueless in this realm since we (sis and I) couldn't watch Sat. morning cartoons as kids. It's entertaing - not stellar, but entertaining. Mollusc thought it was entertaining that he's called Marvin and is from outer space, since we've been in Hitchhiker mode lately. Twelve, huh? (If that makes no sense, read this book.)

I'm getting psyched to read the Thomas Covenant books again. Can't wait 'til they get here!

CDs of the day: A Festival of Baroque, Sting: Brand New Day, Sting: Sacred Love, Children of Dune soundtrack, Korean pop mix, Shim Tae Yoon (Korean dude)

Back to the typing!

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