Sunday, October 09, 2005


I think Dagny has finally weaned herself. I guess she got plenty of nursing since she went 3 yrs and 9 mos. It's strange to think I'll never nurse another baby after 10.5 years nearly straight, and 4 babies. But it's good to be moving on, growing up together as a family rather than out. Every stage is the best when you have kids, and I'd never go back even if I could because it just keeps getting better. How sappy of me. :o) But it's true.

Woo hoo! The second coat of Bordello paint is on. What a difference. Tomorrow night we have class and sparring, so the last coat will prolly go on on Tuesday. In the meantime I'm appreciating the more intimate atmosphere the colour has created. Can't wait to get our saari curtains etc. back up. Oh and the hanging chair will FINALLY be going up. *wicked grin*

I worked on the story all day and finished it up. Maybe I was inspired by the paint job. :) It needs a rewrite now, but I love it! John's going to be busy tonght, though, cuz I'm all inspired now. Sheila, I might need you to proof the story for me. Oh, yeah - I have a newspaper article I'm mailing you. Hopefully you haven't seen it. I just happened to catch it in a USA today John brought home from his trip to MN. It's sure to make you randy, baby!

Trillian continues to be amazingly cute. She discovered our bed today and spent many hours reposing regally upon it. She's a big fan of chicken and turkey and will eat 'til she's dangerously close to Critical Mass. The Kitchen is her favourite room by far. Like Ennie, you can tell she was abandoned because she really appreciates a fine meal - or ANY meal for that matter.

I made Potato Thing today. I'm going to have to make that more often - sure is easy and oh so good. It's basically this recipe except you use REAL cheese instead of Velveeta (I did spend most of my life - to date - in WI, you know) and mine has onion and ground pepper, oh and corn flakes instead of potato chips.

Found a nice Riesling at Trader Joe's. Same maker, same year, diff bottle, but maybe they do a diff one for TJs. Yummy.

Oh my! a kitten is climbing my back! Funny girl.

I've been playing the piano again lately. Seems to go in spurts (wink wink nudge nudge... nah...) I love the Chess album and am so glad John got the piano book for it. That stuff is great fun to play. I love the album so much that I need another copy of my original burned cuz I keep losing them all over the place (car, house, etc.) and the kids drag them all over since they love the music, too. I'm going to have to see if there's a DVD available of the play. That would be fun.

Now I have to go make an online house payment before I forget, and then we will be poor until Friday, LOL! I hate it when that happens, but c'est la Vie!

("Life. Don't talk to me about life." ~Marvin the paranoid android)

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