Thursday, October 06, 2005

Nothing as good as some numanuma!

Well thanks for the site, Sheila! :) Where do you GET these things? I have to say that I need a copy of this song now, so LMK if you can find one. :) I find myself pretty much doing the same thing along with this dude. Catchy tune! I haven't got the eyebrow thing down yet though. I'm running it the background while I post. :o) I wonder what kind of lizard he's got in the tank there... (edit from the future: the group is O-Zone, the CD is Dragostea Din Tei)

So with John gone, I went to the lib to pick up some flicks. Did I get some chick flicks to enjoy? Nope. Embarrassingly, I ended up borrowing Tomb Raider, primarily because it has Daniel Craig in it. He has the most startling eyes . Very inspirational for a story I'm writing, LOL! That's not to say that I wouldn't get Pride& Prejudice if it were out already. As it is, I think I've nearly licked all the tracks off my BBC P&P DVDs. (check out that code-work!) I actually got some other flicks, too: Frida, Frequency (Dennis Quaid *grin* ) and another one I can't recall right now. Gotta love free movies! Oh Yeah - Shakespeare in Love. Any good? I think I recall Sheila raving about the guy in it...

Oh scary! My monitor blinked off again. It has started this disconcerting habit of going black with faint rainbow shadows lately. Wah. This time a sharp rap on the right side took care of it though...

Mollusc wants to name our next 'puter Deep Thought. I think she's got something there.

The library didn't have the Stephen R. Donaldson books I needed - only vol 3 of the first set and then the 2nd set. Bummer - guess I'll have to put them on hold. Why oh why did I sell mine?? Maybe they're still at Frugal. Wanna check for me, Sheila?

I see that Trillian has been left on my bed in a baby basket. She's such a cutie! She's gotten to the point where she bursts out purring just about every time we pick her up now. And I heard her meow for the first time today. What a little voice!

We went walking in the woods today and saw some neat stuff - Dragon Eggs, deer tracks, squirrel tracks, turquoise and red leaf-hoppers - oh and we caught a baby garter snake in the yard when we got home. He was very little! Pencil-girth and maybe 8 inches long. Herbie II I guess. We were collecting leaves and trying to do some tree identification, but that kind of fell apart when I realised our book is the Western US book that we got in California. :oP Rats.

I made some pumpkin bar thinggies today and they're great. Maybe tomorrow I'll blog the recipe.

I've been writing pretty consistently, but it's tough when I keep getting interrupted. But, c'est la vie, and that's even more life experience to work into a story somewhere, right? I'm interested to see where this story is going - eager to find out what happens next! I suppose I ought to be working toward a specific ending, but sometimes that how it goes for me - I find out as I go along, then go back to fine-tune everything.

Malya HEE, Malya HOO, Malya HO, Malya HA HA!! bop bop boppity bop - Sheila PLEASE find this song for me!! Numa numa yey, numa numa yey, numa numa numa yey...

OK, I have to publish this before my monitor dies again and doesn't recover... (It went out again a second ago.)

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