Monday, October 24, 2005

Carpe Chocolatum

I didn't post it on Saturday, so here it is now (disc 2, #7) Maybe it was the movie that makes that song so great, LOL!

We took all 4 kitties to the vet again today and poor Emmett had just HAD it with the whole shot process. After the vet dragged him out enough to inject him in the scruff of the neck, she let him go, and he retreated (bumping his kitty head on the door of his box) to the depths of his carrying cage, meowing, hissing and complaining loudly. He then proceeded to plaster himself to the floor of his cage, sideways, and continue his grumbling. I've never seen such drama in a cat before! What a goof! He seems to be over it now, thank goodness.

The phone is ringing off the wall, as it always does when I try to write anything, and it's mostly 800 numbers and "out of areas." I HATE that! Ugh.

We have only 2 chapters left in the last Narnia book. Bummer. What will we read next? Actually, we have a ton of good books lined up. I think we'll do the Boggart next.

I'm working simultaneously on 3 different writing projects right now, but most of my attention is on just 2 of them. It feels great to be writing every day. Ahhh! John's helping me proof another one I just finished. I'm sick to death of reading it over and over again, so it's really helping to have a fresh pair of eyes, as well as some constructive criticism.

Carpe Chocolatum! I made fudge last night. Danger, danger! Yum. Good thing I have a house full of kids to keep me from eating it all.

Tonight is class and sparring again. I wonder what wonders Master Han has in store for us tonight. If it's anything like what he had Sluggie do in advanced sparring on Saturday, we're in for a fun but GRUELING workout! I'm still trying to figure out the magic formula for having lots of energy in class. There is a magic combo of water (plenty throughout the day) and certain foods at the right times. I've hit on it by accident a few times, but it's hard to duplicate. Maybe it's just that some nights you have it, and some nights you don't. Fudge is unlikely to be the answer. Sigh.

It's cold today and I have to do something about our viewing ports. I can't call them windows because that would imply an actual barrier between us and the outside world, and that wouldn't be feasible considering the gale coming through them. I've never met glass that was such a capable transmitter of winds before. Time for some shrink wrap, say I. Though I'm not sure what to stick it to - no casings. Argh!

Poor Prawnie is reading to herself on the floor after a failed attempt to get me to do lessons with her. I should stop sucking in my capacity as a mother and do some reading with her now. The voices are telling me to do more laundry, but I'm ignoring them.

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