Monday, October 31, 2005


I have to admit to loving the profanisaurus. I laughed so hard last night trolling through there. One of my faves was the definition of Yoff:

yoff v. To shout soup.

I laughed so hard I nearly spoke Welsh!

speak Welsh v. Blow chunks; shout soup. To yoff (qv).

What a fun site! It had definitely been too long since I last visited.

A raccoon is trick-or-treating on the deck. Or maybe it's the skunk dressed up as a raccoon. Anyway, it worked, cuz John is throwing her food. I guess it was Cheeto (one of our regular raccoons.) She's named after her favourite food which she just now got.

Meijers is having a Star Wars movie release party thing tonight and I can't believe my Not-Sufficiently-Star-Wars-Geek of a husband kaiboshed the idea of going. Sigh. I really should have checked his credentials better before getting hitched. . . I guess I won't get my copy 'til tomorrow.

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