Friday, October 21, 2005


Did you have some strange old toys that you just loved? One of mine was the Micronauts Aquacopter. Another thing my sister and I played with to death were our Fisher Price Adventure People. (You'll have to do some clicking to see pics, but maybe you'll remember them, too.) I remember when we went to visit my Grandma and one of her pomeranians chewed half the arm off one of my adventure women. Someone (my dad?) fixed it with a piece of a straight pin (inside her arm) and some blue-green glue. After that I always pretended she had a bionic arm. Speakinawhich, how could I forget Steve Austin?? I remember when we came to the States on furlough (or maybe it was when we had first moved back?) and we saw his Rocket Ship in a toy store for only $10. In Hong Kong it was $35 (HK) and I thought, "Wow - things are so cheap here in America!" Of course, once you made the conversion, that was $50(HK) at the time, LOL! But $10 still sounded way cheaper to me. :oP I can remember my mom showing us American money before we moved back and telling what each coin was and how much it was worth. They were so alien! And the silver dollar - I was so impressed with those enormous, heavy things! And $1 bills! Who ever heard of $1 bills?!?! In Hong Kong there were 1 cent notes (thet I never, ever once saw being used because everything was in nice round multiples of ten cents there and there was no sales tax) and the the smallest bill after that - I can't remember. It may have been a $10. We had $1, $2 and $5 coins, though there may have been $5 bills, too. I can't recall.

I miss my Adventure people. Maybe I'll buy some for my kids on eBay for Christmas.

CD of the day: O-Zone. We listened to it on the way to swimming and on the way back, then looped it when we got home - mostly track 4 - the kids' new favourite.

Right now John's listening to ABBA. There was a song that was driving me nuts a few mins ago because I KNEW it was from something I'd seen. Thank goodness I remembered - it's the one in Johnny English that he's dancing to while brushing his teeth etc. The one that gets shown to basically the whole world during the attempted coronation of Monsieur Sauvage. Nyuck, nyuck!

Swimming was fun as usual. The kids continue to learn new skills. Prawn and Fishy are working on swimming with actual breathing - coming up for air, or trying to keep their heads up. The girls were doing flips and cannonballs off the edge and working on improving their crawl strokes. The water was so warm today that Sluggie claimed it burnt her feet, LOL! I made them take a quick shower (much to the amusement of the lifeguards with some of the squealing involved, LOL!) right before we went in, so that made the water feel positively bath-tub-ish! Ahhh - I have to say that it was wonderful what with my sore bun muscles and all. Too bad the kids can't go in the hot tub - that would have been nice. They have the biggest hot tub I've ever seen.

We need to go to the comissary tomorrow and Sluggie has advanced sparring, so that kind of shoots the day. Then the 2 bigs have yet another sleepover. The floodgates have opened! Yikes!

Still writing and happy about it!

We finished The Two Towers (talk about a sudden ending!) and I need to move on to The Return of the King so I can return these flicks to our friends, so with that noble goal in mind, I'm off to the tub! :o)

Question of the day: what one thing would you definitely do if you were guaranteed success at whatever it was that you chose to do?

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