Monday, October 10, 2005

The Accidental Blogger

My sister accidentally started a blog today. How does that happen? It's easier than you might think!

I did some web research today and I think I'm going to start out with e-publishing in this new genre. It's quicker and seems to pay a little better, initially. Might be a good way to build a portfolio of published work for later breaking into the world of paper and ink.

Tonight was sparring - another night of bruises and injuries. Why we love it so much is a mystery, LOL! Actually, my biggest smash is from class - just a fluke during self-defense. My partner was throwing me and I somehow landed with the outside of my thigh on his heel. Poor guy - his toes were bent under instead of out straight, so he got reverse turf toes AND some ankle damage. And poor me cuz all my weight came down on his heel, so I have a big red lump that will no doubt turn technicolour. I have a lovely blueberry bruise (you know those deep blue ones?) on my hip from last sparring. Oh and I kicked someone in the elbow tonight so I have a gorgeous bruise coming in on that foot. I swear the pool is going to call Social Services someday because of all my bruises, LOL! At least we're most often there with the Master's wife and kids, and she can back up my story. :oP John did something to his foot inside - not sure what. Yikes!

We took all 4 kitties to the vet for their anti-louse shots. Fishy is fascinated by the heartworm models there and came up with the spectacularly disgusting idea of "Gummy Heartworms" today! Mollusc said they should come in a candy heart. Bleh! LOL! They obviously have my sick and twisted sense of humour. :o) (I'm so proud! Tee hee!)

CDs of the day -- Sting: Brand New Day (has been WAAAAAY too long since I listened to this) and Sting: Sacred Love I tried to put in a backup copy of Chess I actually found, but the bloody DVD player can't see it. Wah. Will no doubt be locked into the Sting music groove tomorrow, too. Children of Dune might get to sneak in while I'm writing though.

We got some Korean prase cards today and a bunch of workbooks. Oh - Sheila, one of the workbooks is for you! :o) I have quite the assortment. And the Master's wife got the full CD of one of the Korean reggae groups so I'll get to hear that soon. :o) The kids can't get enough of the one song of theirs we have.

So much to do, so little time. I'm off for now! I teach kid class tomorrow, so I need to get a semi-early start on the night.

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