Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ita, te adloquor.

Or in English, "Yeah, I'm talking to you."

I found
this great site today.

My sister was talking to me about a movie she just saw called
Copenhagen. Sounded interesting and I found out it was a play written by Michael Frayn (a fave of mine since University - see my fave books) and put it on my "to rent" list. Guess who stars in the film? (scroll to bottom) So today I went to the library to get the book referenced in my first link. All they had in was the book on tape, which I got. I also grabbed a tape by Stephen Hawking while browsing the section. I haven't heard about Hawking in the news lately, so I googled him later in the day to see what he's been up to. That led me to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Remember Heisenberg from Copenhagen? Nullo modo, eh? Life is weird.

Now, I know what you're saying: "Fac ut vivas!" But nescio quid dicas. *grin*


thisismarcus said...

I'm slightly embarrassed to pass on that Star Trek got round the whole Heisenberg problem by inventing a piece of machinery called the Heisenberg Compensator!

I love the H2G2 flavour of several of your posts, BTW.

Candace said...

Really? I'm just re-acquainting myself with Star Trek stuff! It's been too long. Is that from one of the movies or the series? How entertaining!