Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I love Wednesdays! and the Dangers of Mulled Mead

Wednesdays are great! We don't have to go anywhere, don't have to get up early, just ahhhhhhhh!

We put the last coat of paint on the bedroom today and peeled all the tape. Wow! It's lovely!!

Stupid phone keeps ringing with Out of Area and Toll Free numbers. I've resorted to telling them "wrong number" when they ask for John. It IS the wrong number if they want to talk to someone who gives a shit. (oops) We're on the Do Not Call list, but all the non-profit places can use loopholes for fundraising. Hah! Fundraising. At this point we need to be on the receiving end of a fundraiser! We have GOT to do something about our financial situation. We're making headway in the grocery arena, which is our biggest area of expenditure, so that's something.

So we've been reaping unforeseen benefits from my new writing focus. As in, writing this stuff makes me randy, baby! Cool! That is a great bonus! Hope I can sell some. My first short story is going to end up well over my projeced 4,000 words. It's prolly going to be closer to 7,000 or 8,000. I've been checking out publishers and have some online places where I'm going to start.

The kids were painting pictures in the kitchen while John and I finished painting the bedroom. The Prawn decided to paint her arms brown. Sigh. Sluggie and Fishy are still working on the general mess. Mollusc is just thrilled she didn't participate.

CDs of the day: Sting: Brand New Day, Sting: Sacred Love, Children of Dune soundtrack. Don't tell me I'm in a rut. That's how it goes when I'm writing. Can you say "repeat?" Besides, you can never get too much Sting, or dare I say even enough Sting? Hubba hubba (LOL! does anyone actually say that?) Maybe I sould try to get some of the Moulin Rouge soundtrack stuff. Sheila, have you got that? Obi-Wan has a voice like an angel. :o)

I was thinking today about up-and-coming songwriters and wondering who the next generation will have that could be anything like Sting. No one else is that cerebral. No one else seems to have that kind of complexity. And all the references to classic poetry and literature - who else has a brain like that who can write music these days? Anyone? John says Sarah MacWokwok (what the Prawn calls Sarah McLachlan) has some of that. OK, maybe. But mostly it's just cuz he's hot for her. ;o)

I came up with a name for the Production Company today: "Rickety Ladder Productions." Actually, I have to Google that and see if it's taken. We were painting when I thought of it. Can you guess how it came to mind? ;o)

So, painting with your significant other in various stages of undress (to save your clothes of course) can be a fun marriage builder. I'd like to recommend to anyone who's considering having a room painted that they choose to do it themselves, even if they're rich. You hang out scantily clad, climb up and down ladders (ho HO!), help each other with tricky bits, and end up talking and laughing a lot. It doesn't hurt to be randy from penning erotica, either, LOL! Most people pay to have a good night out together, but I have to recommend this as a great date AND money saver! We're going to have to find another room to paint. Too bad paint is so expensive!

Tomorrow I teach Little Kid class again. I can't believe it will be Thursday already. I can't get over how much better class is going since it was changed to 10:00 am. (from 11:00) Amazing what a difference one hour can make. The Prawn knows her form and blocking set now, which just blows me away.

Fishy started reading Harry Potter a while ago. Zoiks! It's funny, he seems so young at 6, yet Mollusc could have read it at 4 had I let her. Boys are so different. Last night hecame down from their room to complain that the Prawn had taken one of his pieces with an illegal move in chess. He was cracking me up. I guess Prawn is going to have to learn the rules.

Well, the laptop is making disconcerting noises, so I'm gonna post this before it explodes or implodes, or whatever. . .

I just found out yesterday (or the day before) that there are spaces between the dots in an ellipsis. I feel so stupid. . .

Oh - the mulled mead! I had a partial bottle that had been around I while, so I decided to try mulling it (it came with the spices.) I simmered it with the spices, got it nice and hot, and then I tried to drink it. Holy moly! You know how you have to blow on a hot drink and then sort of slurp it if it's too hot? Well, this was nice and hot, so I blew on it, and when I breathed in with my face in the mug (big mug - maybe that was my downfall) I nearly asphyxiated myself with alcohol fumes. It was good when I finally managed to get some in, but SERIOUSLY! How do people drink this stuff hot without killing themselves? The alcohol fumes are rising because the mead is hot, and then you blow on the surface, so they curl up even more, and if you want to be able to breathe, forget it. But now that I think about it, I bet a smaller-mouthed mug would help a lot. I'll post if it does.

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