Saturday, October 29, 2005


We watched part of The Man With the Golden Gun last night. A lot of the action takes place in Hong Kong and Macau so far. It's pretty weird seeing those familiar sights in a movie. It came out in 1974, which was the year after we moved to HK, so the ever-changing landscape of Hong Kong is actually just how it was when we moved there. It's been a real blast from the past, so far - the hydrofoils with their red curved whatchyamacallits underneath, the skyline, constant construction and bamboo scaffoldings everywhere, and all those roads packed with little hole-in-the-wall shops. I'm waiting for Ocean Terminal (the gigantic mall) to show up. . .

I can't believe Scaramanga is played by Count Dooku, LOL! I still don't see even a resemblance.

Fishy tested for his brown belt today! Wow! He did a great job. I'm so proud of him. :o) John and I test for red next month. Scary. We've started a Black Belt Testing savings account already because 4 of us will come up for black at the same time and it is going to be oh, so expensive!

Hallowe'en is just around the corner and we are pumpkinless as usual. I guess we should go buy some. Maybe we could get giant ones and recreate this event at the lake in Kensington Park. I'm kinda bummed that I missed that, though I don't mind having missed out on the collapsing pier.

All the kids are engeaged in playing with our hordes of Star Wars guys, and I'm hearing some pretty interesting things.
"Can we pretend this is Threepio's leg? Threepio's holding his leg."

"I will race with my beast named Boga" (3 year-old in Yoda's voice) "aaaaaaagh!" (as Yoda is ejected from Boga's back)

"Can I have a clone trooper please? I don't have any money but I can trade."

"Oh yeah! You can trade me Mace's head! Or I can give you Mace's head for free." (runs off and returns with head) "Which one do you want? Do you want me to give you Mace's head? Or you can give me Mace."

"Can Taun We give me the clone trooper? She has hooves by the way."

"He has two left hands."

(Taun We's voice)"If you want them for war, I shall give you all the clone troopers."

"It's for a friend."

"Yoda left his shirt at Taun We's place. Why is that?"

I just noticed that 2 AT-AT drivers are "driving" Taun tauns, LOL! (I guess the rebels ripped off their AT-ATs.)

I'm not making great headway through the Thomas Covenant books because I'm writing more than reading these days. I'm about halfway through. They really do transport you to a different and believable world.

Speaking of writing, I guess I'll get back to that now. . .

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