Thursday, October 06, 2005

Oy Vey!

I think Master Han was trying to kill us tonight, LOL! Man, what a workout. We did 3 step sparring and holy cow! It was a huge workout but also really good. I'm still working on that jump spinning back kick, but it's coming along, and I tried a new one for the first time - a combo af Nalyabang and inside crescent kick, so it's a kind of jumping spinning inside crescent kick - very cool once you get the hang of it, but also hard to use without hurting anyone - like spinning hook kick, it's definitely a kick to be pulled! I was lucky I threw it really high - or I guess I should say my partner was lucky! Here's a pic of the kick (last pic on the page,) but you prolly need a vid to really understand this kick. I swear my face was glowing like a nuclear test site after 45 mins of continuous 3 step with the bigger guys.

On a pretty much unrelated note, here's a great new crayon I just discovered:

So tonight I think it will be Frequency. Or will in be Shakespeare in Love? Hmmmm which one is John more likely to watch with me since he returns tomorrow?? Whichever movie it is, it's going to have to air by the Jacuzzi. :o) I have bruises in places I've never (knowingly anyway) gotten them before from tonight's session.

Swimming tomorrow! Yay! I can't believe how much the kids have all learned simply from swimming in a warm, zero-entry pool where they are comfortable. Fishy floats on his back really well now. The Prawn can do forward (double!) and backward somersaults in the water and swim about 12 feet with the current. Mollusc and Sluggie are improving what they already knew. We worked a bit on side stroke last week - had the whole fabulous pool to ourselves for much of the time. When someone else did show up, it was only a dad with his cute little red-headed baby. Plenty of room for all!

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