Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Noli hoc praeterire!

"Don't pass on this."

Just for you, Sheila:

Boromir wallpaper

Just finished watching SWIII and getting the children off to bed. Wow. That movie's quite an emotional rollercoaster and this was only the second time I've seen it. I got the kids to cover their eyes when they needed to, so that was good. Mollusc says it was depressing but good. They wanted to know why they couldn't see Anakin on fire and I said "because he looks awful, like a burnt marshmallow." Later on Fishy was heard to say "There's nothing Scawy about a buwnt mawshmawwow." LOL!

The 3 girls are all getting a cold, which I'm trying desperately to combat with echinacea/eyebright, zinc, water, Lohankuo tea and Boerick and Tafel cough syrup. Sigh. Mollusc is losing her voice and tickled pink with how she sounds. Sluggie is hardly showing any symptoms and Prawn has a cough only at night after lying down for a few hours. Fishy still seems fine. This has gone around at TKD and has lasted a looooong time for some people.

I got some Lifepacs to look at today but they seem too workbooky for us. Neat, but not something we'll want to stick with.

I got the coolest song from a friend. It's called "Aicha" (Aisha) by Khaled (if that version doesn't work, you can get a feel for it here, but his voice is what really makes it for me and this is only an instrumental.) Apparently he is the "King of Rai." I only just found out what Rai is, LOL! Aicha is SUCH an awesome song. We played it over and over ad infinitum today. The kids love it, too. The lyrics are here (in French) if you want to sing along.

My kids are growing up with such a strange mixture of music in so many languages: Korean, French, Irish Gaelic, Romanian, Chinese, Hebrew, German, Japanese, English, Arabic, Hindi. They are getting pretty good at identifying a language by the first few words now when they hear something new. That's kinda cool.

I told them we'd watch SWIII in French tomorrow and call it school, LOL! What we'll really do, though, is watch the special stuff on the disc - deleted scenes, making of, special effects info, etc. That's always educational. :oD

I'm going pitifully slow in my Thomas Covenant books, so I think it's time to go read.

Die dulci fruere (have a nice day.)

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