Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Fal suggested this idea and it seemed like great fun, so without further ado, caption this:

I got this picture (and a bunch of others I have queued up in case this goes over well) at a site called This is Broken, on their "Just For Fun" page.

In the interest of preempting horrible, bitter, ugly revenge, here is a better picture of my sis:

I planted a bunch of lavender today. Mmmmmmm. Did you know that lavender affects lions like catnip affects kitties? (No, not boobies, Egan!) And then I planted some Russian Sage. It's like regular sage, but you water it with vodka or it will break into the garage and drink all the Antifreeze.

The Boy is an engineer-in-the-making. I thought it was time to put away the sleds, but I was wrong. He obviously needed at least one sled to build this:

I got down all the kids' bikes from their hooks in the garage ceiling (at great peril to my own life and limb - especially the latter) fired up the air compressor and got everyone bike-capable. It went surprisingly well and we didn't even have to call in the German Coastguard. (just FTR spellcheck thought that should be the German Chastisers, LOL!)


GuTTer MuNKi said...


How about something like:

"Watch out for Rambo's lasso trap when you're fleeing the shear in a blind panic because you've just cleaved off both of your hands"

BTW, you can quite clearly see the kids' family resemblance to their aunt in the bottom pic.

polyergos said...

Your sister is just as hot as you are. You are two hot sisters. Go hot sisters, go!

You may both add me to your Skype call lists, if you like. You know how to look for me! :D

Jenna Howard said...

I think the box should pretty much say "Jenna don't open this because you're going to trip, knock your head on the table and then where will you be?"

Me and boxes don't get along.

Jaichan said...

Sage. Sage is the downfall of many a true chef. You don't know how many times I've bounded into the walk-in fridge to find chefs stroking or sniffing the sage.
I really need your proper email to send you recipes. Send it to fryqueen@hotmail.com *my junk email and I will send you my real email account.
Cute pics!

Faltenin said...

OK, working on the caption: How about... "wow, she really IS cute"?

Oh sorry - working on the wrong pic...

Candace said...

LD, I actually wept for laughing. But you know that. :-)

P - ROTFLOL. Why thank you. My sister thanks you as well. And you missed the sisters in G-strings pics somewhere in April. Shall I make you troll the archive? ):-) I should make SWars G-strings. Too bad they don't make SW satin.

Jenna - LOL! Is that you on there? You should sue for royalties!

Jai - heh, I believe it! Many's the time I've done the same (stroked the sage - hey that sounds kinda raunchy) Recipes! Yum!

Candace said...

LOL Fal! Still trying to get into her e-pants?? ;-) That's my eye beside her. Old picture. She's really 60.


OK that's Mollusc's eye, not mine. :-)

Karen Little said...

how bout:

'when trying to illegally enter a country in a cardboard box, make sure that you are on dry land before disembarking'

your sister's pretty, and is that super-ingenious child yours?

Candace said...

Karen, ROFLOL! You're right! That could be water. I'm looking at that in a whole new light now. Hee hee!!

Yes, that's my boy, LOL! He's the only boy in my herd of 4. (all pictured at bottom)

polyergos said...

Haha. No i've seen that pic. But I didn't know it was you guys. Sometimes I refuse to read the old stuff because it's ancient history by the time I read it. I just like looking at the pictures. I would like copies of those pictures you sent to her boyfriend that day though. :P jk.

Ashira said...

"WARNING!!!! Box may randomly shoot out strangulatory tentacles at extremely inoppurtune moments causing you to fall and scrape your face of on its STEEL BLADES OF DEATH!!!!!"

Poor Flat Accident Guy! LOL!

Candace said...

P - LOL! Yah - I know what you mean about reading the old stuff. I don't usually either, unless I'm trying to figure out something that obviously draws from a previous post.

Dh was having fun being the cameraman that night. The other pics - hee hee! Though I have to say that when I posted my blackmail pic of her, I thought with some trepidation of the whipped cream pics we sent her bf. Hence the nice picture I posted yesterday, LOL!

Slarti - niiiiiiiiice one! Hey, if a package comes, will you open it? I'm starting to develop a thing about boxes.

Niel said...


"the cardboard box is a solitary creature, known only to attack when provoked by naked pedestrians. approach this herbivore with extreme caution and at least a t-shirt or poloclava."

Candace said...

LOL, Niel! Another great use for the Poloclava™!!

tshsmom said...

WARNING; thinking outside the box can be hazardous to your health!

But, you MUST fondle sage to make it smell good!

Trundling Grunt said...

Hoarding gasoline in cardboard boxes is not recommended.

Sage - mmmmm, sage. Love it in saltimboccas or wrapped round tenderloin under prosciutto.

But if you want to fondle anything, fondle rosemary. Regardless of how wrong that may sound, it's the most delicious herb in the collection.

Candace said...

TSmom - LOL! Works on at least 2 levels!! HEE hee!!!

Mmmmm ssaaaaaage!! I wanted to use "Sage" as one of The Prawn's middle names (we gave each kid 2 cuz they're free, so why not?) but Dh nixxed that one as "too crunchy." LOL!

TG - Ooooh NICE one, LOL! A coworker of mine once put Freon into a styrofoam cup with much the same effect (after assuring me it owuld be fine when I expressed reservations, LOL!)

Mmmm - THAT sounds tasty.

Oh yes, Rosemary! That herb by any other name would still kick culinary ass. I'm in love with Rosemary. I'm trying to grow some from seed and fear I'm failing miserably. Looks like I planted rosemary but it's coming up snapdragons. :-P (seed spill in the little seedling tray? yes, several)