Saturday, May 06, 2006

Nirvana in a 9" X 13" Pan

I've just had a deeply spiritual experience involving dessert. I'll post the recipe tomorrow.

A good time was had by all at the pool (it was just the 5 of us in that whole giant pool after the first few mins.) My knee survived both swimming and red belt class, so I'm hopeful it's really improving. (yay!) The tournament is a week from tomorrow. The plan is that John and I will bring our stuff and enter if it turns out to be more than just us (otherwise why pay to compete against only each other?)

We were watching Attila tonight, but it's looooooooong and we're going to finish it tomorrow. What is it about manly warrior dudes? Or maybe it's just that it's Gerard Butler. "Woman!" *melts* Imagine my surprise at encountering both Stilgar and Lady Jessica (both from the Children of Dune mini) in this film. And "The Guy Who Reads the Lemony Snickets" is in this one, too. He's everywhere, he's everywhere!!

Gotta get back to some of my short stories and submit them. I'm feeling a bit inspired. It's bad having so many in the works at once, but on the other hand, it's nice being able to write in the genre I'm in the mood to tackle at the time.


Faltenin said...

And some of us have to find time to read the stories (sound of head against wall).

Jaichan said...

I'm not complaining about a world full of Tim Curry! It's a much better place with him in it.
Can't wait to see both the short stories and the recipe!

tshsmom said...

I'm waiting for the Nirvana, as I'm certain that it involves chocolate!

Slade said...

ok, so I was a little worried that you saw a vision of Kurt Cobane in your cake pan, but am relieved to find this is not the case!

I must see every movie with that sexy ass man in it!!! Thanks!

Candace said...

Fal, there's no rush. I thought you were going to wait until your next long journey. :-)

Jai - Mr. Curry was entertaiing as ever, though he didn't get a lot of screen time to fully explore the possibilities of the role. :-P

TSmom - I'll try to get it posted this eve. Yesterday we ended up over at a our friends' house and today we're doing more yard projects. :-)

Slade - Ew - I might have to throw away the pan! A friend sent me a bunch of his stuff to watch. Woo hoo! A Butler-fest! :-)

Mr. Butler is absolutely yummy, isn't he?

Jay said...

Wow, nirvana in a pan, can't wait to find out what that is.