Thursday, May 04, 2006

Not the Cold Shoulder HNT

HNT time again. April and early May always seem too early for sunscreen. I'm still getting used to it not being winter. That's when things like this happen:

And you may remember me mentioning my stripe of lower lower back getting burnt. It's now tan. So, my dimples and a little of the skin below for contrast:

That's right, I'm a GIANT serving of Neapolitan Ice Cream!! :-P


Jenna Howard said...

Yikes, Candace!

Holy Dinah that's a fierce burn.

kitkat said...

Owie!! I'm seriously jealous of the lower-back dimples. You can see yours without special lighting!

Happy HNT!

kitkat said...

P.S. It's 90 here. Sunscreen time is in full swing!

Faltenin said...

So NOT funny. I was gonna make the ice cream joke!

But I bet some ice cream on those burns would feel nice...

Candace said...

Jenna - it actually looks worse than it feels. "I've 'ad worse" LOL!

Kitkat - LOL! But I bet you haven't got tiger stripes that won't tan! :-P :-)

Fal - it came in a flash of inspiration. Mmmm - ice cream, licked off. . .

Toby said...

I'm glad to know it isn't as bad as it looks. As I get older I'm getting more sensitive to the sun and heat. I'm sure the sun thing has to do with the damaged ozone layer, but the heat thing I have no answer for. Anything over 80 is too hot. Last summer I was at a picnic all day when it was pushing 90 and I was sick for three days after. I felt 150% exhausted and I couldn't even keep down water. Being dehydrated and not being able to take in any liquid was a taste of hell to say the least.

Bellarosa said...

Wow, what a burn, hope it heals soon

Happy HNT

tshsmom said...

OUCH! I've never had a burn that bad, but then I have an olive complexion.

Toby, I've gotten that way with heat too. We have a LOT of outdoor work to do this summer, and I'm hoping for a cool summer.

Trundling Grunt said...

Like everyone else - I winced.

Jaichan said...

Oh my god. That reminds me of the years I spent canoeing/kaying.
I paddled competetively here for about a hundred years. War canoe produces the weirdest sunburns/tans EVER.
I paddled left... so I was burned/tanned on my: back left calf, upper right thigh, left forearm, inside right forearm and right shoulder.
You could always separate the paddlers from the regular population by the sunburns and the following things:
1. They wore flip flops until the snow came.
2. They sat in the back pews at the Catholic church (regattas were always on Sundays... at the lake near the church) in flip flops, singlets and racing shorts (which look like bike shorts).
3. They can smell water. Everywhere and anywhere. And tell you which direction the wind is coming from.
4. All the men are built like martini glasses; wide, wide WIDE shoulders and very small waists.
You've been warned.
As for the sunburn... aloe, aloe, aloe.

polyergos said...

Am I the only person who thinks that sunburns are, like, totally "hot"?

Yes that was a pun.

Candace said...

Toby - I'm actually burning LESS as time goes on. Weird, huh? (I know it might not look like it there, but that's from being out for hours when I was reading to the kids yesterday and planting.) I used to burn a lot worse when I was younger.

Bella - thanks! :-) And thanks for stopping by! I loved your HNT puzzle!

TSmom - lucky, lucky you! Sigh.

TG - LOL! Graphic, huh?

Jai - hee hee!!! :-) That's funny! I've been using Calendula on the sunburn, which does wonders for me. I do like aloe, too, though. Calendula is what they used to use to colour butter, which is why butter USED to be healing when applied to burns, but then they stopped using calendula and, well, you know the rest of the story. :-P

P - Hahahaha!!! A man after my own heart! :-D You're on fire! *cackles insanely and flees before someone turns the hose on her. Er, wait a minute. . .*

kitkat said...

Oh, I have tiger stripes, just not from childbirth and not on my back. It's just from *certain* parts of my body growing too fast!

Candace said...

Oh no! Well, I have some extras, too, on my legs. I grew 4 inches one summer. :-P Nature can be cruel.

Slade said...

I totally want to rub aloe on you!!!!

Candace said...

LOL! Thank you Slade! :-) LD thanks you, too, for the image.

Logophile said...

good lord woman, that would kill me!
I am such a whitey white white girl that I burn if I am in the sun for more that 5 minutes.
That looks soooo painful.