Friday, May 26, 2006

Flash 55, General Musing

Friday Flash 55 inspired by a Google image search on "purple." (I like to keep my prospects open, LOL!) If you like the image, I found it - and a lot of other cool ones - at this site. They have some really neat goodies, and if you like pussies, be sure to read the story of the bus cats. :-)

Mother Moon rose gracefully into the sky, infusing Elia's soul with serenity. Her nights in the sacred grove were a time for rest and reflection; for reconnecting with both the Earth and the inner voice guiding her on her Journey. She flung her arms wide to embrace the moon and closed her eyes in bliss.

Tonight's red belt class was an exercise in frustration. Well, part of it. We did the three bag thing again - 3 kicking bags lined up, have to kick them R,L,R while flying past. I still kept hitting #2 twice and #3 once. Finally, the Master put tape on the floor for my takeoff point, which turned out to be a lot earlier than anyone else's (loooong legs) and way earlier than I was guessing. I honestly don't know how he can be so patient with me. I'd have killed me by now if I were him. :-P I think I was finally starting to get my alignment by the end of things, but my feet and legs weren't working quickly anymore, LOL! At least it's hard for everyone, so I'm not alone, but it's really frustrating. I guess it's good for me. Builds character, right? And, from the feel of things, left buttock muscles. Yeah, that's all I need - lopsided buttocks, LOL! Wouldn't that be a great HNT? ;-) Next time, I'll get it. I've got to find some way to practice at home. And maybe practice both ways. :-P (stop it!) Oh yeah. Did I mention it was still really fun? :-)

Trillian is very excited about The Big Ugly Bug that is perambulating about on the deck right now. I think it's a June bug. Is it really almost June? I will turn 37 in a little over a week. I don't feel like 37. Well, not how I envision 37 if I step back and try to really comprehend that number. Not at all. Oh well. Que sera sera. (C)Andy You're a Star, LOL! Actually that doesn't work at all, because what I've been hearing as "que sera sera", is in fact "hey shut up, shut up." Oh well. Must be going deaf in my old age. What's really weird is if I hear a guy is in his 30s, it sounds like he's a baby, but for girls it's different. Let's blame the media, LOL!

Hey!!! THREE-DAY-WEEKEND, Baby!! Woo hoo!! Memorial Day Weekend is the official start of summer, even though summer doesn't really begin until late June. It's when everything seasonal opens for the summer - swimming pools, resorts, the old Madison Children's Zoo, the Ferndale tequila slip-n-slide. . . ok I made that last one up.

In the continuation of Blast from the Past Movie Week (remember Cloak & Dagger?) we watched The Flight of the Navigator the other night. It was good. Surprisingly good! :-)

Word of the Day: Coulrodium. (odium - Latin - "hatred") Fal tipped me off to coulrophobia, (BTW, thanks Fal, *smooch*) but since mine is a loathing of clowns rather than fear thereof, I have coined another new word. Muahahaha!



Logophile said...

Love the 55 and the pic, gorgeous.
Lopsides buns, too funny, that would be a great pic.
After you work out a way to practice at home you will have to give us a flying Candace photo, how awe inspiring would THAT be??

jackt said...

Every time you post about your karate prowess I become increasingly scared that you will break my face one day. I know you are a nice person but I am scared of karate experts. Especially ones with lopsided butt-tocks.

Karen Little said...

You're only as old as you feel, hey?

Love the pic!

Your classes sound hectic - must be an excellent workout. Are you super-fit?

Faltenin said...

I'll be expecting an extra special HNT for that birthday, then!

(don't get too carried away though, you know, with the candles, let's remain SFW)

(or just email those pics to me)


tshsmom said...

Age is just a number! I still feel 17, in my head. Unfortunately, my body doesn't usually agree with this number. :(
We watched Flight of the Navigator the other night too. I didn't realize that Z had never seen it.

Candace said...

Thanks, Logo. :-) Heh - that would be a fun picture. Where can I get a Hollywood flying rig? LOL!

Jack, are you worried I will crush you between my (lopsided) muscular buttocks? ;-)

Karen - It's true. (as old as you feel) I hope I can keep feeling like this for a few more decades. It is definitely an excellent workout. I'm in the best shape of my life, but still have plenty of room for improvement. :-) The best part is that it's FUN.

Fal - Ark ark! A birthday suit pic? Flying?

TS - I'm beginning to understand the "just a number" stuff as I get older. I, too, feel 17 in my head, LOL! How odd that you just watched the Navigator movie, too. I had never seen it myself, either. Did Z like it?

Jaichan said...

I love that word. I suffer from that phobia. I fear clowns. Fear them.
There is something a wee bit unwholesome, if not downright John Wayne Gacyesque about grown men wearing costumes, slapping on make-up and hanging out with young children.
You should check out the 'Pop-up Book of Phobias'. It's great.

tshsmom said...

Z enjoyed the humor in the movie, but thought it was a bit "dated". He's now decided that he will watch some more of our "old" videos like The Princess Bride, Labyrinth, Explorers, etc.

Candace said...

Jai - I agree 1000%!!!! I will definitely be checking ou tthat book, LOL!

TSmom - Oooh! My kids love Labyrinth and The Princess Bride (I love PBride, too!) I haven't seen Explorers.