Monday, May 15, 2006


No, it's not Snakes on a Plane, Baby! That's the sound of me deflating after we got home from class. O. M. G. that was a workout. John says the test on Sat can't be any harder than the 2 hours we did tonight, but I'm reserving judgement until that time. On the plus side, even though we kicked the bags, my knee is no worse than before. We worked on speed drills - bouncing on the balls of our feet and then, when the Master blew his whistle, switching stance and kicking, or sliding back and kicking - one kick, two kicks - various permutations of this. Our calves were *killing* us. Whew. My butt and the upper backs of my thighs feel well used. (Now, now, knock it off you pervs.) Our T-shirts were wringing wet. Eew.

On a totally unrelated note (unless you count me pervving at his pics) Navan will be doing a Concert on the Square this summer so my sis got to get together with THIS GUY to talk it over. Damn!!! New Zealand accent, too. Some girls have all the luck. :-)

My Gmail chat no longer goes DONK when someone tries to chat me up. Poo. I'm not ignoring anyone, really.

Like Haiku? Snippets of my life:

Taskbar message blinks
But "DONK" no longer functions
Crap, now they're offline

Should we swim today?
Fate's decree is ironic
The pool is on fire.

Little pink baby
Cute, but I feel no urges
Guess I'm really done.

Another email
How naughty! Should I respond?
Just like crew chief days.

Look at these T-shirts
Geek hilarity abounds
I'd like one of each

Laptop is warming
It's hotter every minute
Help! Lap is on fire!

Got any Haiku to share?

T-4 days until our Sr. Red belt test.


missy said...

Good luck on the test!

I'll leave it to the more talented blogger to write a Haiku :-)

Faltenin said...

Heh. My "out of the office" autoreply is a Haiku :o)

Karen Little said...

i had a pancake
for my teatime snack today
one wasn't enough

Slade said...

You should so check out Mad's blog at

He has been posting some political stuff lately, but it really is hilarious...thought you might enjoy!

Logophile said...

Well wishes to you
Aand to your husband as well
As you test for red.

Yahoo Messenger
Or alternately email
Is how I waste time.

I would share with you
Haikus of stunning insight
But I am too busy.

Toby said...

All this Tae kwon do
Meet you in dark alley, no

Good luck on your test
Kick ass, royal ass kicking
Make me a cake, please

Candace said...


Thanks for well-wishes
I will try my very best
And hope I don't die!

Missy -
Give it a try, girl
You have writing in your blood
Nothing can stop you

Fal -
Haiku are so fun
I have loved them for ages
Used to have contests

That's not enough food!
I am not surprised at all
You were still hungry!

Thank you for the link
I will definitely go.
Have to check that out!

So many minutes
Then I sit down with laptop
And POOF! they are gone.

I'd not kick your ass
But thanks for ass-kick wishes!
One cake coming up.

GuTTer MuNKi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
GuTTer MuNKi said...

My wife naughty girl
Her behavior encouraged
I am Lucky Dog

Sunday just too nuts
Sunday Sunday Sunday late
Will ass be in play?

Candace said...

Lucky Dog so bad
Can't believe the cheekiness
Bad dog. Sit. Stay. Come.

polyergos said...

It's time for me to go to bed. But I wanted to write my first ever Haiku... for you. I was watching some classic TV just now, and it inspired me...

Family Ties ends
Sit Ubu sit, good dog. Bark!
Paramount Logo

Candace said...

Ooooh! Splendiferous!! :-D

In a nice job of role reversal, I am WIDE awake and it's quarter to 4 am. I drank coffee. I never drink caffienated coffee. Did I mention I'm WIDE awake? :-P

Whenever I tell one of the kids to sit, it is inevitably followed by "UBU" LOL!