Saturday, May 20, 2006


In my best Lord Percy Percy impression: "Hey nonny NONNY m'Lord!!"

Songs for today:

Simple Minds - "Alive and Kicking"

Gloria Gaynor - "I Will Survive"

Though I prefer this version.

After passing out on the couch while ostensibly watching Monty P's Holy Grail with the kids, I have enough strength for a brief update. Our test ran 2 hours and 45 mins. We kicked for about an hour and a half of that - front leg kicks, rear leg kicks, block-punch-kick combos, combination pulling-step kicks, 3 step kicks - it's all kind of a blur. Your support certainly helped to keep me going! I am thrilled to have my new belt. And to not have to test again for 6 months, LOL!


jackt said...

Now you can apply to be one of the Knights Who Say "Ni!".

If your readers' support came in handy during the test, perhaps you shoulda worn that belt a little tighter!


Candace said...

LOL! My new dream job! :-)

Thanks! :-)

Logophile said...

The grail,
fabulous movie, my husband naps through it often.

Logophile said...

oh crap, nearly forgot,

Faltenin said...


Next stop, learn the Drunken fighter moves! To celebrate here's a remix of one of my fave Naruto episodes, where Taijutsu specialist Rock Lee gets drunk my mistake, and turns out to be a natural...

Candace said...

Logo - My dh naps through that one a lot, too, LOL! And thank you!! :-)

Fal - Thanks! That is really reminiscent of the Jackie Chan Drunken Master stuff. :-)

Toby said...

Congrats to you! How long have you been at this? Do you ever take a break? Go go go... I'm jealous of your vivaciousness.

Trundling Grunt said...

Very cool. Congratulations! Was there ever any doubt? Not among your readers....

I Will Survive - personally I like the Cake version from Fashion Nugget.

Candace said...

Toby - Thanks! I did it for a while as a teen and wasn't able to do it again until we moved here, so I started over to be on track with dh. It's been almost 2.5 years since we started.

So far I have no desire to take a break, LOL! It's fantastic exercise but also FUN, and there are a lot of REALLY good people at the gym. It's like having extended family, which is great considering we are transplants here. :-)

Thanks TG! Whew, during my test yesterday at one point all I could think was "I'm really not looking forward to testing for black." LOL! But I have about 15 months before that happens.

I'm going ot have to look up the Cake version. Never saw that one. :-)

tshsmom said...

I don't imagine you'll be sitting on your laurels. ;)

polyergos said...

That is awesome C. Congrats!!! Sorry I've been working on stuff. Just read this today! :)

Candace said...

Thanks TSmom. I don't think I have any laurels left, LOL!

P - Thank you, too. I figured you were busy with your film. How's it going?