Thursday, May 04, 2006

Darling Bugs of May Part Deux

I'm not making fun of you, Fal. I was just inspired by you and think these bugs are cute. :-) If you all want to see some amazing bird shots, head on over to Fal's and check out the Darling Birds of May. He's got some incredible pictures there. :-)

OK, on to the darling bugs:

No idea what this funny little fellow is, but he's a very cheery green. Sluggie took him off to the woods after he signed the picture release form.

These 2 had invited themselves inside:

This little guy was very shy and walked sideways whenever he noticed me following him with the camera. It's a bit blurry cuz he was so very small and my macro only lets me get about 18" away - any closer and it won't focus.

And this is one of those Asian beetles that looks like a ladybug but isn't. Someone brought them to the States a few years ago and then found out WHOOPS! They don't have any natural predators here! D'oh! They bite sometimes - esp the tender underplaces and esp if you're sweaty, and they smell pretty bad, but they're ever so cute in their roly-polyness.

Next up, another non-native that has flourished extravagantly:

And, finally, one of the leeeetle tiny vinca plants that I put in during my planting frenzy has opened up:

I caved to dh and decided to be smart and not spar today after torquing my knee while teaching this morning. It did fine while I taught evening class and did my class tonight, but feels on the edge of something (she said ominously) when I walk. Sigh. We're due to test for Senior Red this month. I need my knee to heal. It was a record non-sparring night (as in nearly all of us went home.) We never miss sparring. This felt really weird. I had really been looking forward to sparring tonight because I had been working on the bag yesterday and had a bit of a breakthrough with the speed of my spinning back kick. Bummer.

My Star Wars source at TKD (well, one of them) told me that this was up. It's definitely worth waiting for the video clip to load. :-) Hooray! I can't wait for the game! :-) I know of adults without children who enjoy this game. :-) Fun for the whole family. :-) We LOVE number one. Such humour! :-)

Today was gorgeous again, so I took the laptop outside and squinted at it and tried to write. I wish laptops were easier to see in the sunlight. :-/

Have you seen the iZilla?!?!?!?! I'm still trying to decide if it's for real. I mean, being able to rip vinyl?!?!?!! It's The Cube, straight out of Artemis Fowl! Or very nearly anyway. I learned about it on Peter's blog. Neat-O, huh?

For a strange twist in my universe, it's tub and book time before midnight! Too strange to be fiction, so it must be a fact.


polyergos said...

Oh no, it's all real baby. It's all REAL.

I was just thinking about this today and how I can get this from the States without having to pay duty/taxes at the border...!

Faltenin said...

I thought you were calling me a bug! Lucky you corrected that impression, otherwise I'd have had to send you a photo to prove you were wrong!

The Lego game sounds very promising, and I've put down the iZilla on my birthday list. The Xmas list. Hmm. Not close enough. The 666-day list! Yes, let's all celebrate the day of the Beast (6/6/2006) by buying a beast of a machine!!!

(16 D-sized batteries???)

Candace said...

P - I think I'm going to have a technogasm. That thing is just amazing. There must be a way to circumvent the duty Nazis.

Fal - Curses!!! Is it too late to call you a bug now? Aw, but you could never bug me. Wow - my birthday is realy close to the Day of the Beast. No wonder I have such evil thoughts. }:-) I think you have a smashing idea of how to celebrate Beast Day! 16 D cells - "That's a lotta dimp!" (name that film - Kitkat? Bueller?)

Slade said...

I love that green cool is that! Great pics!

Toby said...

Sorry to end your technogasm, but the iZilla was an April Fools day joke. Ripping vinyl? Haha!

This is a nice bug site.

GuTTer MuNKi said...

16 D cells - Hah!

What Candace isn't telling anyone is that she has another very special device that actually takes 4 car batteries and 3 microCuries of Uranium. The Uranium is to power the muffler. She got it from her sister, when her sister upgraded.

Yes, the day of the Beast is very close to the day of the Wench. Not entirely inapropriate :-)

Candace said...

Slade - I'm really happy about how well that one showed up!

Toby - aw, stink! Do you always end the fun early? It was too good too be true - especially with 2 terrabytes for only $800 according to dh. Cool bug site! Thanks! I posted a pic of a green bug last year and now I think it's a Tiger Beetle thanks to that site.:-)

LD - do you only come here to open Pandora's box and let out all my secrets? Such a bad dog! Where's the newspaper? Fine, bring that raunchy-looking magazine instead.

tshsmom said...

Knowing the guys at ThinkGeek, that HAS to be a joke! 32.8 lbs?!

You should try picking those miserable Asian beetles out of wet paint, while their friends are biting you!!

Candace said...

Oh no!!! Painting FIASCO!!!! I hope you took some pictures, LOL!

Yeah, from what I can tell by Googling around, it IS a joke. Wah. Not that I was going to get one; it wsa just SO COOL!