Sunday, May 14, 2006

I Got Nuthin'

I'm feeling somewhat blobular and vegetacular today. Yesterday was stressful between not-knowing whether dh and I'd be competing in the TKD tournament (and having to be ready to), and then watching 3 of my kids compete (whilst trying vaguely to keep tabs on #4, though she was running around with a couple of other littles and they all made themselves very much at home) and trying to get film and pics of the kids from our dojang. I don't think I have any Amazing Insights or Deep Thoughts to share.

Here are 2 words I needed to look up today that weren't in my 2 1/4" thick dictionary this morning (and most likely haven't appeared in it since then), meaning I'd have to look them up A) in my 3 1/2" (unabridged) dictionary or B) online. Sadly, I was in bed with no intentions of doing either of those and had to slog on without benefit of definitions. Curse you, Stephen R. Donaldson!



And the one that did appear in the smaller dictionary


I always wonder whether Donaldson really uses these kinds of words, or whether he just looks them up in a thesaurus (albeit a giant one since they don't appear in any but the largest dictionaries.)


I got nuthin'. Maybe tomorrow my brain will be functioning again.

In the meantime, Caption This:


polyergos said...

Caption: "Boba Fett, with floating Han Solo in Carbonite, is surprised to see Dengar enjoying a nice fire out side of Jabba's palace."

Yes, I'm losing my mind with this project.

Candace said...

ROTFLMAO at the vision of the rectangle as Han Solo! :-D *gigglesnort* I hope Dengar's bandage-like wrappings don't catch fire!

missy said...

I love learning about new words but I struggle to find the right moments to use them!

Karen Little said...

'I don't care if you're nake dunderneath that towel, smother these damn flames!'

I don't know what those words mean...

Anonymous said...

I'm less concerned about the fire then the fact that buddy has a hole in his lap! So really the fire can't hurt him.

Candace said...

Missy - me, too, but yeah, how do you use them without sounding like a pretentious git?

Karen - LOL! What a decision - nakedness/save friend/nakedness/save friend. . .

I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't know.

Jenna - It took me a moment to see that, but yeah, OW! Funny how everyone will have a diff take on a pic - like that vase/faces optical illusion.

Logophile said...

When laptops overheated the consequences can be entertaining.
Watch from the safety of our lap protector, effective even when standing.

Hope you had a good Mom's Day, Candace!
And let a doc look at your knee, you don't HAVE to listen.

Anonymous said...

UPS man with package from FireSafety, Inc.
..."Lemme tell you what Brown can do for you..."

Tracy said...

I told you the banana protector wasn't to be used for that!!
; )

Actually, I came to see what you had to say about the topic... but am not even sure where to begin looking. But I am very hungry for chocolately layered thing all of a sudden.

Candace said...

HA! Oh, my banana thinggy is in the sidebar at the top under Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters (things I had the most fun blogging.)

Candace said...

Logo - laptop protector - I swear I need one of those sometimes, LOL!

Scrunch - LOL!!

Egan said...

Um, travertine is a type of rock commonly found in the Grand Canyon. Next!

Jay said...

"I'm sorry sir, but the crotch-on-fire line is actually at desk #8"

Well, I've learned at least 3 new things today. Actually, I shouldn't say that. I've probably already forgotten the definitions.

Slade said...

Never pee right after you eat a Hardee's flamthrower burger

Candace said...

Egan, you stink, LOL! OK, you're smart, but I already knew that. Ah, but would that have made sense in this sentence? "The guardwalls of the lower ramparts wore gray-white knurs as massive as travertine; and even the highest levels were marked like the mottling of caducity, the accumalted habit of grief." :-P

Jay and Slade ROTFL! Jay - so typical of beauracracy, heh! And Slade - OUCH, LOL!

Jay, this is the third time I've read this series, and though I have to look up fewer words each time, I'm still looking up some of the same ones over and over. :-P

Neil said...

Written on sign: 'Will Work for Money. Or Friend will Put Balls on Fire for Money."