Monday, May 01, 2006

Jumping at the Shovel and Not Missing

It's been a very landscape-y 3 days. Mollusc has been an incredible help. Thank you, Mollusc!!!

John made a bunch of trips to Lowe's for mulch and took The Prawn with him. The biggest danger of Daddy taking one of the kids to a home improvement-type place is that he's going to come home with some really cute little tools that he probably wouldn't have bought otherwise. This time it was a shovel. The Prawn, however, did make very good use of it:

After that it was time for "Stroller Lessons" with Slug, in which the old double jogger found new life. Yes, she is wearing a different dress. What? Have you never had a little girl? 2 of mine go through outfits like a chili dog through an octogenarian.

Eject! Eject!!

Though I didn't manage to catch it on film, most of the time she hit the ground running. She's quite the little athlete, LOL!

This happened over and over again. You can see some of the obstacles at the bottom of the "run" which are the reasons for learning to eject.

I've done a LOT of digging. I'm all dug out. But that's not all I get, there's MORE! Woo hoo! If these plants die, I'm gonna scream, LOL!

Things were cooking in my head to spill into my blog, but they've apparently burnt to cinders and are irretrievable. The one thing I remember is that I wanted to link to the Young Astronauts Program because it's cool. I thought it used to be free, but I could be wrong. I still have Mollusc's old book and am thinking of signing Gogo up for it. $10 for a year isn't bad. Or if a bunch of the other hsers at TKD want to do it maybe the $60 charter thinggy would be fun.

Stupid, stinking, heinous Adobe stinking Acro-stinking-bat stinking Reader installed some hideous Yahoo toolbar on my laptop. I am not gruntled. Sink the Houseboat!!! Death to Uncle Jim! I bet only Logo™ gets that one.

We watched Narnia last night and though they did do a splendid job overall, I was really peeved at the changes. Most of it was just stupid stuff changed to add more drama. You know what? It was a great story, appreciated by millions for decades, but no, that somehow wasn't good enough and they took it upon themselves to change it. Sigh. That was really distracting since we know the books so well. The part that bothered me the most was how they altered the character of the children. The Lucy, Peter and Susan of the book would never have run and hidden after breaking a window. But the whole stupid melting river/waterfall thing was lame, too. OK, enough whining. I loved the critters, the acting, the special effects, and James McAvoy as Tumnus was soooo good. :-) I've been a McAvoy fan ever since Children of Dune.

Look at that. I guess I was able to ressurrect most of those thoughts after all. We're going to watch Best in Show now, so ciao!


Anonymous said...

I am so envious of your lush green lawn. They say the grass is always greener on the other side, but in this case, it really is true! Florida was not meant for grass.

Logophile said...

Aaaaah, Captain Flint, wow, I have GOT to reread, you are speaking ancient history, I love it!
I found some aspects of Narnia a little less than fulfilling, but I felt that way about LOTR too.
Overall though, I like them both.
I have done quite a bit of yardwork lately myself, I still have weedbeds™ though.

Faltenin said...

Are you going to change the title of your blog, now?

Which leads to a question about calling a spade a spade. What else might you call it, anyway?

SighsofmyLife said...

I love the pictures of the shoveling! How darn cute she is!

Jay said...

I love a kid who will dig in a dress.

Jaichan said...

The yard looks great! I think the Prawn will grow up to be my friend Amelia ('Molly') who is the queen of inappropriate footwear (i.e.... flip-flops in 32F weather whilst moving) but is so fabulous she can pull it all off.
Oh, and Best in Show? Love it. My favourite is 'Waiting for Guffman', but Best in Show is up there.
'We have so much in common. We both like soup. Talking and not talking. We could talk and not talk forever. And still find something not to talk about.'

Slade said...

"Hey sweet little girl, how would you like a shiney new shovel...wouldn't that be cool? And then you can dig up the yard as I watch what a wonderful job you are doing?? Won't that be neat?"


How you get kids to do your dirty work...brilliant! hehe

Elizabeth said...

Oooh - I was a Young Astronaut! Of course that was also in 1986 which was a rough (if popular) year to be one. The whole group of us in my school stayed in from lunch recess to watch the Challenger lift off.

I also had a friend who went to Space Camp :-)

Candace said...

Kitkat - CA was like that, too. Maybe you could just put in sawgrass, LOL!

Logo™ - I knew you'd get it, LOL! Thing One might appreciate having those read to him. I bet Thing Two would even absorb some of them. My kids have concocted tons of S&A play-scenarios. :) I need to pick the series up again. I think we're on 9, but it's been a while!

Fal - I don't own any spades, LOL! (though I did have to Google the difference to be sure) And that phrase used here will land the utterer in hot water, even though its use far predates the non-pc meaning. Not true in Europe?

Sighs - Thanks. :-) She had a lot of fun and really was surprisingly helpful. Though she chatted incessantly and nearly drove me to distraction, LOL!

Jay - Yes, she has a dress obsession. She also has a friend with a dress obsession which, of course, adds fuel to the fire, LOL!

Jai - LOL! The soup and the not talking really cracked me up! I think Scott was my favourite character. My friend Frank (who recced this) also told me to check out Waiting for Guffman. I need to try to put it on hold at the library if they have it. :)

Slade - You betcha!! I expect you're taking notes? ;-)

Elizbeth - Cool! I didn't know that! I remember that day very well. I was in 10th grade in Russian History class and the principal made an announcement. Later, we chess club geeks watched the footage upstairs in the physics room where we had our meetings.


thisismarcus said...

I can't get enough pictures of your happy happy kids. Be proud!

BTW I'm digging all the Hitchhiker references in your sidebar currently.

Trundling Grunt said...

How does your garden grow? Very nicely from the look of it.

I liked Narnia, but maybe have some trepidation for Voyage of the Dawntreader as that was my favorite in the series, even if I couldn't stand Reepicheep.

Best In Show - great movie.

Candace said...

:-) Thanks Marcus. :-) I am pretty proud of my younguns. :-) They're fun to be with (even though they're not Plastic Pals, LOL!) and never fail to give me either joy or frustration, LOL!

TG - I really hope it grows nicely. I forgot to do "before" pics, but they would have been embarrassing anyway. Total weed beds. Last year and the year before, we got "we hate your yard" letters from the Homeowner's Association, LOL! (and ack!!)

Best in show made me laugh! And even if Reep's annoying, at least he gives Eustace what for. :-)

I'm still disgruntled about the changes, but really did like the film overall.

(not so) kinky lee said... this shows true effectiveness of ancient chinese pogo-fork method. I will teach this method to my gardening minions, and so equipped, we will double-dig all the arable land worldwide!! ...or maybe just Wisconsin...or perhaps my back yard...Mwahh Ha Ha Ha...(ahem)

BTW - your Blog leaves me feeling so sunny and opposed to that creepy undertone occasionally encountered on the E-GADS blog. Postings by our wonderful fiddler notwithstanding.

Candace said...

ROTFLOL Kink!! :-D Maybe I can market that. The NEW!!! Pogo Fork™ brought to you by, um. . . The Atomic Fork Company.

Instructions: "1)Opening the package. 2)Jumping on to the fork. 3)Not missing.

Please to note this method can hazardous to you health. Also not for eating. Keep off touching direct sunlight."

Tagline: "Fork You!"

Oh, and thanks. :-) Creepy, LOL!

tshsmom said...

I love the airborne picture!

Fal, I thought "that kind" of shovel was an American exclusive. ;)

Trundling Grunt said...

Homeowners Associations are some of the biggest neighbourhoodnazis out there. It is intriguing to me that Merica prides itself on being the land of the individual but is so ruled by these groups.

Candace said...

TSmom - That's my fave, too. :-)

TG - YES!! Exactly!!! Arrrrrrggggghhh!!

Anonymous said...

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