Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Stuff Stuff Stuff

Yes, a title just for you, John. ;-) In view of Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY, becoming Monday, Monday, MONDAY and then, regrettably (or not, considering), Tuesday, Tuesday, TUESDAY! Hold on to your britches. Or not. }:-)

Logo™ and her friend Susie have been doing some really cool flash fictions. I'm going to follow suit because my blog a) was meant to be used as a writing warm-up, b) has lately been done in lieu of writing (ack!) and c) it just looks like a lot of fun! I'm going with the Drabble (100 words.)

Today I totally forgot about jumproping and kicking the bag, so I'll have to do it tomorrow. One of the guys at sparring is starting to really give me a run for my money and I have to work on something to counter that, LOL! I also have the loan of an industrial carpet cleaner. Remember I have somewhere between 4 and 100 children, so this is a Godsend to say the least. Carpet, if you think about it, is like a sweater that you nail to the floor and never wash. Ick. I don't dare do before and afters lest some health organisation come and take away my children, LOL! (dare I even jest about such a thing?) But I'm hoping it'll make a nice difference. If I had my way, I'd rip up the carpet and paint the subfloor until we could afford wood flooring, but I don't have my way. Wah.

I'm still in catalog-drooling phase and Asia for Kids is another that I always love to get. Plenty to drool over in there! Hey - I just realised I don't spell it "catalogue" anymore! Soon doughnuts will be donuts. Actually, I think they already are. . .

Such haunting music. It evoked the memory of things before her time – things she couldn't possibly remember. And yet. . .

The stones stood tall around her, seeming to flicker in the shadows cast by the leaping flames. Music - first a few plucked notes, haunting, eerie, then changing subtly, slowly, becoming stronger, deeper, thrumming powerfully, joined by the heartbeat of irrefusable drums. She looked across the fire and into his eyes – soul-kindred, heart-mate, partner of a thousand lives.

Back in the present she raised her eyes to the lute player's, heart pounding wildly, half-fearing to hope. And she smiled.


Toby said...

Wow. The Sword of Shannara comes to mind.

Jaichan said...

I would like one of everything on that website, please.
I love teaching kids how to cook. Love, love, love it. I worked in an international school for five years and as long as we followed the British Curriculum, we could improvise anyway we liked.
I was the in-house 'chef'... meaning I was 'booked' anytime a class wanted to cook something.
I made Turkish Delight every year with the Year 6 class when they were reading 'The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe'.
Sometimes I really miss it.

Faltenin said...

If we lose our spelling, what else is there left between us and chaos???

Candace said...

Thanks Toby!!! :-)

Jai- Me too - one of everything please. Oh, that sounds like such a great job!! Do you have a good recipe for Turkish Delight that feeds less than 500? Since we finally saw the movie, the kids are going into another Narnia phase. We're going to listen to one of the other books on CD while driving today. I picked up 2 of them on CD at the used bookstore in WI CHEAP. YAY!!

Fal - it's true. I always used to be a stickler for spelling, while at the same time railing against the stupidity of the English language. It really is one of the silliest languages in existence in terms of spelling and grammar. And now I use things like "prolly" and "cuz" LOL! Next I'll be using "sk8ter" and "boi." :-) I was going to say more, but instead, I feel another entire post coming on. Oh, in answer to your Q: "and"

ozwdik: might oz well face it I'm a dik-dik to love >:-)

Logophile said...

I am a bit of a language nazi myself, but I still use the net slang to some extent.
Like the writing, love the catalogues
and I blame the books of my youth for my spelling issues.

English is the most confused, bizzare, complicated language ever, but dang it, it is the one we use, learn it!

Candace said...

True. However, though I used to be nuts about spelling everything properly, i wouldn't cry to see it move to a more logical, phonetic spelling. :-)

It hasn't been all that long since the days of "ye olde shoppe" and all that, so I guess it's still changing.

Jay said...

My mother ripped up her old carpet once (my sister the asthmatic was allergic to her home). She let us paint murals all over the floor - would that make them floorals? Anyway. One day someone else will be living there, tear up the flooring and find my 9 year old's renditon of Le Petit Prince.