Monday, February 13, 2006

Batperson Begins

John and I watched Batman Begins last night. We were somewhere near Tibet - training with Qui-Gon or something - when John announced, "I don't think people really want this much backstory." I turned to him and said "Dude, it's called Batman Begins. That's what it's all about." OK, so he had forgotten that bit, LOL! After that he seemed to enjoy it more.

I don't get the big hoo-ha about Christian Bale. Granted, I didn't know who he was before seeing this, but I had certainly heard about him. So what's the big deal? He's kinda geeky, isn't he? He looked familiar, but I haven't filmographised him yet to see why. Anyway, yes, the man can do awesome pushups that I will wish I could do come blackbelt testing, and yes, Batman is a very cool character, but I have to say that Bale doesn't do it for me. He did very well as Batman, I just don't find him sizzlin' hot. Then again, I can be slow to catch on to these things. Maybe in a couple of months I'll think he's the hottest thing since branding irons. . . Maybe some fans can help me appreciate him better.

So tonight I nearly got drunk off the fumes of one of the TKD parents. Ugh. That's kinda sad. No one appeared to be actually drunk, so I'm guessing alcoholic. :o(

Tough sparring drills tonight!

Note to self: do more Kegels. OK, OK, do them, period. Sigh.

One of the guys in our adult class turned 50 this weekend. In a last-minute burst of inspiration, I called the Master's wife to see if she had an extra white belt that could be turned into a grey belt. *grin* She jumped through multiple hoops (ending up with a nastily streaked dryer drum) and made him a grey belt, which the Master presented to him yesterday. Great mirth abounded and he wore it to class today, LOL! He got to warm us up today cuz he was special. :o) It's a good group of peeps - like family. :o)

I downloaded Gmail's Talk feature and called my sis FOR FREAKIN' FREE!!!!! Wow - that was cool!!! Now I need to get my mom a 'puter! It was AWESOME. (to the tune of Spiderman) Technogeek, Technogeek, la la la la la la la la. . .

Speakina geek, it's time to soak in the tub and read a geeky book. :o) Night y'all!


Elizabeth said...

You clearly missed Newsies. :-) Although I suspect you were just slightly too old for it at the time, since I think I just barely caught in. I think it's something in the cut of the mouth, which of course is perfect when you're mostly covered with a bat mask.

Cheryl said...

We saw Batman Begins and I really, really enjoyed it. Allan was really surprised - though that WAS right after I had my gallbladder out - so it could have been the narcotics. I remember watching Batman as a kid - but haven't watched any since.

I have got to look into the gmail talk program. If Allan and I can figure it out - we'll have to get the rest of the family on board.

Candace said...

That's true, E, I was just the wrong age for newsies. And I never saw Little Women either. So who does he look like? Bland American dude - who is that, now?? Argh!

Cheryl, Gmail talk would save you guys so much $$!!! It's easy to work. Just click the "talk" thing at the upper left of Gmail once you're logged in, click the download button, then click the program to run it. You need a mic, obviously, though you can also use it like IMing and just type.