Friday, February 10, 2006

If You Live Near Madison, WI

Go check out Bob Manor and the Getaway Drivers on Sunday night:

$6 (actually their blog says $6, their site says $3 - what's the scoop, guys?) 9:00pm, High Noon Saloon, Madison, February 26th

where you will be entranced by, among other things, a two-headed lead singer and narcoleptic bass player. They will be thrilled to autograph your various body parts after the show and wrest your $ from your unsuspecting fingers in exchange for a CD or 2.

They're opening for the Deadstring Brothers along with Auburn, nominated as MAMA's Best New Artist. Tell 'em Candy sent you and Ellie will refrain from beating you with flat noodles (or not.)

High Noon Saloon is located at 701A E. Washington Avenue (or Hwy 151), just east of the Capitol in downtown Madison, Wisconsin. The cross street is Blount St., and our entrance is in the rear east corner of the building. Parking is available in the "good neighbor" lot located on the 600 block of East Main St. between Blount and Blair. Street parking is also available on Blount St., E. Main St. and E. Washington Ave.
CDs will be on sale for only $5!


Seeleah said...

!! Thanks for the plug!! Who(m) all are you plugging? :b Can women plug??

Are you going to remove this comment for indecency?

Candace said...

Oh, please! Too indecent for *my* standards?? (prompted by John :oP )

Well, women need a special apparatus dontcha know. . . You're the one who lives near the Secret Store. You should know these things.

Yoiks. Gonna have to permanantly ban all children from reading my blog. Nice to have an outlet though. :o) Ah for the days of Crew Chiefing. I only have one person I can really talk to here IRL like this (besides John of course.)