Thursday, February 16, 2006

In Which I become an Animated Corpse

I taught another private lesson tonight and got paid again. Yee ha!! This kid is something of a natural. It's always hard to teach American guys to punch, but he got it right away. He was a little shy about the kihaps, but improved as he went. He'll end up in our class if he joins, cuz he's 16. Always good to have more adults. :o)

In other news, The Master attempted yet again to kill us, and this time he succeeded. Actually, I guess it wasn't particularly harder than any other night, but I was sweatin' like a BIG dog (hmm, I guess dogs don't actually sweat, do they?) and the guy I was 3-stepping with at one point was actually RAINING sweat all over the floor. I definitely need to hop in the tub. I think my hips are starting to seize up. :oP We'll have to throw in another episode of Coupling. Last night we watched the "Lesbian Spank Inferno" one. I just love Steve's tirade about "blokes" and how they love women's bottoms, and how when fire was invented, they didn't say, "Good! Now we can cook!" but "Good! Now we can see bottoms in the dark!"

It's weird how I don't bruise like I used to. I always thought that was an old-wives'-tale -- that you toughen up and don't bruise as much -- but it's true. Both John and I have found that we can take a hard hit and get a lump that may never even come out in colours. And I used to be covered with dark bruises - esp when we started sparring 2 nights a week. Not any more, though - just one or 2 here and there. My feet will never work properly again, of course. I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that my toes will never bend or flex like they once did, but as long as I don't lose my arms and have to become a street artist who uses her feet to render great works in sidewalk chalk, I guess it doesn't matter.

Now is the time of year to drool over garden catalogs that come in the mail to taunt you with all the lovely plants you won't be growing for at least 2 months. Sigh.

We're having a thunderstorm, which is a bit strange for Feb, but I'll take it over the snowstorm my sis got in WI today. I heard there are tornado watches predicted for Lansing at 11:00. Just another good reason not to live there.

Does anyone really care about Median, Mode and Mean? I certainly haven't used it since grade school. OK, Mean, maybe, but let's call it "average" shall we? Mollusc has hit that in her math book. One lesson is prolly enough. I say we skip a bit, Brother Maynard. Ah, the joys of hsing - you can skip the irrelevent drivel. If she ever needs it again, she can Google it and re-learn it in 12 seconds.

Darn. I had something snarky to say, and I've totally forgotten what it was.


Faltenin said...

Your Master tried to kill you again? What is this, Sith training???

Mediann, Maud and Mean, the Three Sisters of Stats. They look identical but confuse one with the other, they'll tear your eyes out (and your maths teacher will do worse)

Candace said...

Sometimes I think it is. "Only two there are. . ." At least it's not Highlander training where "there can be only one."

Ah, yes, the three-headed dog of mind-numbingly boring statistics. :oP We're definitely skipping forward.