Friday, February 10, 2006

Candace Hates

I thought that might be an amusing Google search. Some of the results:

**Candace hates pink. (not true)

**Candace hates men for how stupid they are. (no, Candace loves men!)

**Candace hates the food (actually, I love most foods)

**Candace hates when people call her “Candy Girl”. (not true!It's kinda nice, actually)

**Candace hates endless chatter. (not if it's intelligent)

**Candace hates being snuck up on and tenses up when anyone gets into her personal space or touches her without permission. (That rarely happens, but I usually find it exhilarating. Don't you? At least after the loud screaming part.)

**Candace hates the smell of fresh baked bread. (OK, well that was actually true for a long time. I once changed a diaper while babysitting that smelled just like fresh-baked bread. It was slimy and green and I had a bad smell association for along time. All gone now, though.)

**Candace hates you (there are a lot of those! But I don't hate you. Really.)

**Candace hates me (um, I don't know what to say to that - sounds kinds psycho)

**Candace hates the Backstreet Boys. (well that's prolly true.)

What does Google think *you* hate?

Can you tell I'm putting off that basement thing? "Down once more to the dungeon of my black despair. . ." Nope - better make some fudge first. Much more appealing.


Slade said...

i love doing the google thing...especially when it is something like "slade likes to lick..."

kitkat said...

I think I've done this one before, but here are some results:

Katie hates to do anything backwards.

Katie hates a bath with a passion (I actually take one about every other day!).

Katie hates Bush (yeah!).

Katie hates Amanda's cat (I've never even met Amanda, nor her cat!).

Katie hates the world (a bit extreme).

Katie hates to be burped (HAHAHA).

Okay, enough of this madness.

Candace said...

LOL! There are always some WEIRD results aren't there. I don't think I'd like to be burped, either. Slade I'm gonna have to try try the licking one! There are so many possibilities. And there are always weird things like "Candace is ambiguous about. . ." or "Candace tries to. . ."

Faltenin said...

Not much success with "Faltenin hates" or any other verb for that matter.

Of course, I could try with the name my mother gave me...! (name v1.0)

And Candy Girl, you're naughty!!! You've got me Finland Finland Finlanding for the whole day! It'll sure make packing a lot more fun.

Candace said...

Muahahaha!!! Naughty is as naughty does -- or -- something. :oP

Yeah, I think you'd have better luck with V1.0

yep: "V1.0 like to lock up." ;o)