Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Why Do I Love Wednesday?

Let me count the reasons:

I love thy mornings which come neither early nor stressful
I love thy lack of appointments and thy afternoons restful
I love thy loose, languid, lounge-about ways
Thou art more lovely than week's other days
Most other days we scamper hither and yon.
And free time, once arrived, is quickly gone
But thy ways without such firm constrictions
Make for pleasant times, eschewing frictions
The sun will shine regardless of all cloud
Our music shall be cranked up ever loud
We dance with wild abandon on your day
As joy that overwhelms us we obey

In keeping with the True Spirit of Wednesday, the poem does not follow contrictions of meter, either!

Ever have one of *those* dreams? I did last night and my brain actually said "it's OK, it's just a dream, so go for it" and then I wasn't sure it WAS a dream, and I was all overwhelmed with guilt, and people were upset and OMG what a relief to wake up. And it wasn't even satisfying if you KWIM. Fun, but not satisfying. Am I going to blush when I see this guy IRL? Hopefully I'll have forgotten by then, right? And where the heck does this stuff come from? OTOH it must have been a workout, cuz I weighed in lighter than ever, LOL!

Maybe I'll blog more in my secret blog. }:->

I love waking up late and cooking rice for brunch, thus giving myself a guaranteed 35 mins of guilt-free enforced waiting before feeding the crew. Muahaha!! And we have a yummy leftover curry, so everyone's happy.

I'm sure more blogging will be done later.


Faltenin said...

"Blame it on me, blame it on me..."

Damn, what was that song?

PS got me hungrey for curry now, naughty girl.

Jay said...

Um, where might I find my secret decoder ring so I can find out what all those OTOH letters mean?

Candace said...

Faltenin, all I can think of is Take a Chance on Me by Abba. There's a wee bit of curry left. :o)

D'oh, sorry Jay! I got in the habit of that when I spent time on boardsinstead of blogging.

**rips open packet of SuperGeek Crispies, fishes out decoder sheet -- ooh and a naughty-looking toy which I'm going to keep. Bonus!**

OTOH = On The Other Hand

YK = You Know?

KWIM = Know What I Mean

AFAIK = As Far As I Know

IIRC = If I Remember (or Recall) Correctly

GMTA = Great Minds Think Alike

POTOLFEC = Phantom Of The Opera Line For Everything Contest - oh wait, that's only in Knuckleheadlot, LOL!

Your challenge, fellow bloggers, is to cram them all into one post! :o)

Hey - have you seen those writing contests where you have to use all the words they provide and write a snippet of like 120 words that makes sense? Fun! (yesimageek)

Anonymous said...

I occasionally have mildly sexual dreams. Once, I dreamed that a fellow classmate was giving me oral--that dream was probably the most graphic I've ever had. It took a little time to get over the following crush I had on him!

eric said...

i like wednesday because it's spelled so weird.


Candace said...

OOh, fun, Kitkat! yeah, I'm wondering if this will be weird. I think not since it's fading. Dunno. . . Had a dream about the same guy once before involving him taking a pap smear from me in front of everyone. Argh. But that didn't weird me out when I saw him so. . . Fortunately most of my raunchy dreams are about dh.

I have no idea why I've had weird dreams about this guy. Honest!

Eric, I always end up calling it "Wed-ness-day" which becomes "wetness day" and well, yes, I'm a denizen of the gutter.