Friday, February 10, 2006


We're skipping swimming today. Sad to think of that big pool there all empty without us, but we woke up a little late and after paying those pesky bills, I shouldn't recharge the swimming card until next payday. OTOH we get to lounge around and act like it's Wednesday until this evening's red belt classes.

I'm making curry to celebrate a day of semi-debauchery. Have you ever popped mustard seeds (or as my packet from the Indian grocery says, "mustarded") in a hot frying pan? They kind of start zinging all over the place.

I've been practicing Tae Guk Il and Ee Jang backwards. Very confusing. I'm the kind who can't say the alphabet backwards past zyxw without a lot of racking my brain and starting at the beginning of the next chunk, doing it forwards to get the next one back, ad nauseum. And if I hadn't made songs to teach Fishy his forms, I'd be sunk. As it is, I go kind of go chunk by chunk with the songs, though it's still really confusing.

I've dejunked some today - mostly the 2 littles' clothes that are too small. I'm going to suck it up and hit the basement some today too. If I don't return in a reasonable amount of time, please alert the authorities.


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