Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wow! February! And winter still hasn't truly hit. I *really* heart global warming.

Wednesdays still rock! We eventually trickled into the library and got some good books and movies.

After sending the lineup through the shower/bath I painted 70 nails. Holy moly! Gogo got banished or I'm sure I'd have ended up painting his, too. He was (repeatedly) swirling around too close to the open bottle, but the last straw was when he dribbled cold water down the back of my pants as I was bending forward to paint nails, LOL! "Go NOW! Go NOW and leave me!" (Thanks again, Sir Andrew. Dunno what I'd do w/out POTO.)

Tonight we watched Ella Enchanted, which is basically nothing even remotely like the book (at least not as *I* remember the book) but still a fun movie. The book is definitely worth reading. Ella looked remarkably like the Pricess Diaries girl. Mainly because she was. I explained who Cary Elwes was by telling the kids that "he's the guy who was *mostly dead* in the Princess Bride." ("Ohhh!! Him!") The kids got a kick out of "Carlotta" (POTO) playing someone good. Eric Idle, of course, they know. Once again, a subset of Britain's 12 actors star together in a film. ;o)

Trillian doesn't hate me yet for sending her to Banana Hell twice a day. (antibiotics) She's almost done, so hopefully she will still love me when all's said and done. Why is the stuff banana flavour? Why not chicken or beef? I suspect it's really people medicine, though it's cheaper than that.

Sluggie was teaching Trillian tricks the other day. She tried "stay," which cats are too smart to obey, and then she taught her to stand up and rip a treat can lid full of kibble out of her hand, throw it on the floor, and devour the kibble. OK, so that was pretty much instinct. . .

After a rousing round of chess, which involved a lot of smashing and "nearly-falling-through-the-ceiling" noises, they are listening to a Winnie the Pooh tape. A real one. None of that Disney nonsense. It's read by Graham Somebodyorother and he's perfect for it.

My friend showed me an Eddie Dickens book and they look so funny! Lots of author interjections of a very humourous nature. For instance, the dad says something about the author not liking him and making bad things happen to him, and none of the other characters have a clue what he's talking about. :o) The Borders Outlet store is going out of biz and has them CHEAP.

John says a nasty worm is coming on Friday. Not sure how to take that. But I guess I'll put on my stillsuit and grab my Maker hooks so I'm ready for it. Maybe I can plant a thumper on the next dune over to divert it. . .

What I should have done today:
Something productive

What I really did:
Library (including donating a bunch of mags we dejunked, YAY!), blogging, writing, laundry (well laundry's kind of a given, isn't it?), organizing a bathroom drawer and my earrings (most of which I can't wear cuz I'm suddenly allergic to them *rolleyes* - who wants earrings?? Anyone?? Bueller??) watching a movie with the kids and preparing to watch another with John. I HEART Wednesdays!


Elizabeth said...

Ooh - you replace me yet again in the proper friend category, except I suppose it doesn't count since you don't know her. Ella Enchanted is another movie in which my friend Anna was involved. She played a character called 'Supreme' (bit part, I haven't read the book or seen the movie though, so not sure if we're talking a not-a-word bit or more). There's a picture of her in character from her website -

Slade said...

are you in love with Gerard Butler as much as I am??? I LOVE LOVE LOVE poto...I'm one of those crazys would went to see it twice in the theater just to look at him with his mask on...ummmm I'm melting just thinking about it. I totally could hear the "go NOW, go NOW and leave me" when you wrote it...hehe

Candace said...

Bwa ha ha ha!!! The man is hot! It took me a long time to figure it out though. Actually, it took right up 'til I saw POTO. I had seen Dear Frankie and TRII and still not really known who he was (despite countless eggings on from my sis in the form of emails with pics saying "isn't he hot?" LOL!) But POTO clinched it for me, LOL! And I had to "filmographize" it to verify that that was, indeed, the same guy. :oP And then I had to practically FORCE my sis to watch it (POTO) Bad sister!

I tried to explain what I went on to discover is this whole GB phenomenon to a blissfully ignorant friend and the closest I can get is Elvis (without the icky factor.) Screaming hordes and all that, YK? What do you think?

Elizabeth, I'm going to have to look for her. Maybe in the dancing part with the giants? I'll check out your link after TKD tonight. Gotta run!

kitkat said...

I've taught my cat Diego how to sit. He won't do it unless the food reward is right in front of him, but it's still something.

Candace said...

Now if you could just teach him to stay the #$*(*#& away from the blinds, right? LOL! Smart kitty, though. :o)

Candace said...

Hey - wow, E! Anna was one of the Giant backup singers. Tomorrow we'll pop it in again so we can find her. :o) Hey - is "Slannen" the guy she married?? (Aiden McArdle)