Monday, February 27, 2006

The Itchy and Scratchy Show

Now Drudge says Daniel Craig has been hit with a nasty bout of prickly heat. What's the angle here? Trying to make him look like a pansy? Oh well, every new Bond is met with BIG resistance at first. Some, as it turned out, for good reason, LOL! But even though I'm not into the sorts of films Craig has done, I think he's a very good actor and will pull off Bond very well, given a decent script. Or maybe I'm still hypnotised by those eyes.
**happy sigh**
Is it just me, or are they almost wolfish? In a good way. Rather peircing.

Ahem, excuse me, ah, on to other things. . .

Got kicked really hard and repetitously tonight. I'm not a pansy, really, ask dh. Was out of the hosp in under 24 hours after giving birth to each of my first 3 (under 12 in one case) gave birth to my last (pumpkin-headed!!) baby at home with no meds, have suffered a torn ligament without crying, have seriously turf-toed during sparring and finished the match even though I could barely walk afterward when the adrenaline stopped flowing. But tonight I actually wished for respite. Oy. We were doing sparring drills with partners and we were supposed to block the kicks rather than get out of the way. Fine, I've done that lots. But tonight, ow! I actally said something to dh afterwards (half-afraid to - REALLY don't want him speaking to the Master on my behalf) and he agreed that this dude kicks HARD, LOL! A lot of times, newer folk have to learn not to try to kill their opponent when it's just a drill. Also, you don't want to sacrifice speed for power when less power will earn you the same points and give you more speed to score even more. It's easy to get froggy as a newbie and just get all gung-ho, though. Silver Lining: it ought to toughen up my forearms, and elbows, and back of upper arms. . . But it hurts to rotate my left forearm right now.
Arnica is my friend tonight. :oP What is the point of this whining? I guess since I don't do it IRL I need an outlet, LOL! That's enough for now.

We worked a bit on forms in class tonight after all the kicking.
Tae Guk Chil Jang is the most interesting form yet. I finally have it down and it's so much fun!

Tomorrow will seem to disappear in a frenzy of TKD with teaching littles tomorrow, staying for my older 3 to do homeschool class, and going back in the early evening to ref kids' sparring (and taking all 4 to spar.) But after that it's sweet relaxation. I think I'm actually going to pick up a pizza for us on the way home, grab a movie or 2 (prolly - but not definitely - some chicky flick for me as John will be in the seething metropolis of Winona, MN) and we can settle in for a cosy evening at home with no getting up to be done the following morning. Ah, yes! :o) I'll have to remember to set an alarm for Thurs, though, with no John to wake me up. Movie suggestions?

Bonne Nuit! :o)


Faltenin said...

Any bloke who can't work a car with a manual drive does not deserve to be Bond. Final. Cute eyes or not.

Anonymous said...

The eyes are a little creepy in those photos. Like in Interview with a Vampire and the eyes change (is that the right movie?).

I can't believe you had a baby with no meds! I'd really like to say (if/when I do give birth) that it was w/o meds, but I'm a big baby! I do want to have the kid at home, though.

tshsmom said...

Ian Fleming's Bond was a rather beat-up looking fellow. Sexy, to me, is the way a man moves. We'll see how this one handles himself.

Winona?! My husband's grandparents lived in Winona. He still has an aunt and cousins who live there.

Kitkat, childbirth isn't really as painful as a lot of women claim. It's more exhausting than painful.

Candace said...

Dude, that's Pierce Brosnan!!! But that's a very valid comment - one I was contemplating myself only a few days ago, even though I like Brosnan, who I think did the best he could with the scripts he had to work with.

Kitkat. Yeah - eerie eyes, but cool.

If you do it at home I'm not sure that meds are even an option. That's one reason I chose to homebirth - besides general dislike of hospitals and not wanting my NB around all those sick folks,LOL! I didn't want to be tempted into the often downward spiral that pain meds can cause and I figured 3X lucky was pushing it far enough. It was more relaxing to me to be at home, so things progressed really quickly - 4.5 hours start to finish. Though there is something to be said about epidurals - I remember those births more clearly since I wasn't living from minute to minute. :oP But avoid any pain meds that aren't epis - totally pointless and useless, LOL!

Tshsmom - Small world!!! Cuz that is a really little town, LOL! We almost ended up living there. No Borders bookstore! Aarrgh! But you can cross the border (ha! irony!) and shop at one in nearby LaCrosse. Any of them work for TRW?

uerod: where's Odie?

Candace said...

PS, Kitkat - it's been so long since I saw that movie that I don't remember, but that's probably the right one.

tshsmom said...

I think they all work for his uncle's trucking firm.

Candace said...


Candace said...

Faltenin - D'oh! Craig, too? Sigh. It only takes like 15 minutes to learn. Won't someone PLEASE show him?!? And Brosnan, too.

Then again, they can do lots of things I can't, I'm sure.

tshsmom said...

I think it's Merklewitz(sp?) something or other.