Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Powerless to Resist

Aaaargen fargen blargen!!! It et me whole post!!!


Now I'm gonna rip off Kitkat's book meme, because why not?

Grab the nearest book (I got one of the ones I'm actually reading. Maybe that's cheating.) and turn to page 123. Mr. Tickle didn't work (not enough pages) so I had to get another one. ;o) Type in the 5th line. Mine has a song in the way. A very creatively punctuated song. So I'm going with line 5.

"But then the song changed, as if the singer opened inner chambers to give her voice more resonance."

The Illearth War: The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever, Book 2.

The power went out at a little after 8 tonight. John went to rescue the Mollusc from the shower, where, having just finished, she was cowering with a towel wrapped around her head and waiting for something dreadful to happen (an explosion? the end of the world? But it was a very H2G2 defense mechanism, so good girl.) In the meantime, I lit a bevy of candles and soon the house was smelling oddly of blueberry muffin, sage, rose, macintosh apple, and several other delightful but never-meant-to-be-combined scents. John chopped the rest of our wood for a fire (no heat, obviously) and after everyone had pottied, reminded themselves not to flush and then promptly done so, we all gathered on the couch and liv rm floor while I read the rest of Over Sea, Under Stone to everyone (and John did an inner eyelid inspection.) The atmosphere was perfect for the ending of the book, actually.

At that point, the kids were all hungry, so we trooped out to the kitchen to have a snack of PB& cupboard jelly (so as not to open the fridge) as well as Pringles and Cheetos left over from movie night. John turned on all 4 stove burners (gas, thank goodness) to warm the room a bit for the birdies, and we made cocoa. Fishy was quite pleased to be doing things "just like in castle times." Yep - Cheetos, instant cocoa, Pringles. . . ;o) Mollusc claimed to be choking "the Old-Fashioned way" and from then on, everything was an "Old-Fashioned" joke. I cautioned her to be careful since the Heimlich wasn't invented back then. All the kids agreed that the Star Wars mug was kosher because that happened "a long time ago. . ."

All in all it was an enchanting evening. The biggest bummer was not being able to play the piano when the power was out.

The neighbours are smart enough to have a generator. They've lived here long enough to know what we are beginning to realise, namely that if you live in MI where A) the unions are strong, B) very few of the power lines are buried (see A), C) the weather is strong enough to take down the ill-strung lines (see A) and D) the drivers are bad enough to take out the ill-planted poles (see A and "MI no-fault insurance") your power is going to go out on a fairly regular basis. Remember The Great Blackout of aught-three? We made international news.

Nonetheless it was cosy, and when the power came back on as we wrapped up our snack, it was to a chorus of moans and groans from the children. So we've adjourned back to the liv rm, extinguished the lights, and left the candles and fireplace going. We did, however, pop the animated LOTR in the VCR. 3 of the 4 are out cold now. Very cosy indeed.


Faltenin said...

You actually still have that book? I got me really annoyed, for some reason.

Candace said...

Mr. Tickle or Thos Covenant? I have both, LOL! Actually, I sold my Thos Covenants because, YES, he did annoy me even though I enjoyed the stories, and I found the ending unsatisfactory. BUT I just rebought most on eBay and am re-reading the series for the 3rd time because Donaldson is writing a THIRD Chronicles -- yes 20 years later! I knew I didn't remember enough to just launch into set 3, and maybe by the time I slog through all 8 (8 right?) of the first ones, book 2 of set 3 will be out, LOL!

If nothing else, I learned a lot of new words, LOL! These books are the reason I had to buy my first gigantic dictionary many years ago because so many of the words weren't even IN a standard dictionary. They are good stories, though. I knew that the first time I was going through and found mysef shocked and horrified that anyone would even CONSIDER burning wood, LOL!

I've only met one person IRL who has read these, so I'm always a bit shocked to meet someone who has. :o)

Jay said...

Lovely when life just creates these random moments of goodness. I might just have some medeival cheetos meself sometime.

Faltenin said...

You SOLD your Thos Covenants??? SNAP!!!

In fact first time I read the first series, there was a major f-up in the edition and it was missing 100 pages in between 2 volumes. No wonder I was confused!

Candace said...


Oooh! 100 pages missing?!? That's BAD. Maybe worse than Berkeley's (publisher) Dune books that were mislabeled. #2 said Third in the Series and #3 said Second in the series. I was buying them one at a time with precious hard-earned babysitting $ back then and was NOT PLEASED to find that I had the wrong book. I guess the major jump/confusion factor was my tipoff.

Sometimes Covenant drives me crazy. I understand his non-acceptance, I guess, as a means of survival, but can't he at least be more civil? :oP