Saturday, February 04, 2006

Dangerously Chocolatey and Warnings

Overheard: 4 yo to 6 yo upon seeing him running past with a small package of Oreos in his fist. (incredulously) "Dude! Daddy made chocolate mousse! It's in the fridge!"
She was clearly shocked that he would even consider that prepackaged, chemically enhanced alternative.

Yes, John made chocolate mousse today. If a picture is worth 1,00o words, I think a taste is worth 1,000 pics. The pic doesn't do even a fraction of a microscopic particle of justice to the sheer chocolatiness of this mousse. And it tastes soooo much darker than it looks. It's like mainlining chocolate straight into your veins, except you get to taste it.

Whew! I'm still reeling. Or maybe that's the brandy in the mousse.

OK more warnings cuz I love this guy and his family.

This is one of the more recent stickers. That's actually my sister getting whacked at the Lake St. parking ramp by the UW-Madison campus. (Remember, She? Or is the amnesia still lingering?) Apparently they caught it on the ramp's security monitors. Shortly afterwards, the stickers appeared on all parking ramp arms. Yes, she is still getting some pretty hefty royalty checks.

This one is a ripoff cuz all they did was change my sister's pic to a negative of the image. They refuse to acknowledge that it's her and won't pay any royalties. They're still in litigation over this.

Please do not use this box to store toddlers.

Poor Mr. Man is feeling pretty nonchalant, as he is sadly unaware of his imminent demise.

This guy's a little more clued in to the fact that something distressing is going on. He should have been more careful. If he read the obituaries he'd know how many people die by falling off of trucks.

"When will the flames at last consume us?"
Just another proof that there's a POTO line for everything. Also my all-time favourite Mr. Man sticker.


Anonymous said...

The "ripoff" sticker: What kind of door opens from the top to the bottom? I'm pretty sure I don't need to go through any door that might kill me if I do it wrong. Also, what's wrong with his head?

Elizabeth said...

It's the toddler one that does it for me. Also proof of our international level of (idiocy?) production that the one sticker is printed in three languages. We make things that can lead to the demise of toddlers in one place and are daft enough to need warnings to avoid said demise in lots of places. Oy!

Besides, that's a big toddler - you'd really have to squish him to get the lid on tight anyway.

Candace said...

Kitkat, it took you no time at all to hit on the central point of my sister's lawsuit. Yes, that piece of her head is missing because the parking ramp arm is originally smashed into it. They couldn't even be bothered to Adobe in the back of her head after cutting out the ramp arm. And yet they still maintain that that is not her. Jerks!

E - maybe the multilingual warnings are merely an attempt to help us feel not quite so stupid. I mean, if French and Spansih speakers need the warning too, we can't be all THAT stupid. Even if we did need the warning in the first place. . .

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say this earlier, but although the mousse is probably divine, it sort of looks like a meatball :)

Candace said...

Come to think of it, it does, LOL! That pic is really only worth about 3 words, maybe 2. I should have put the mousse into an icing bag and piped it onto the spoon or something but:

A) I have no self-restraint when it comes to chocolate and that would have taken far too long


B) Then I would have had to stick my head in the icing bag to lick out every little speck of chocolately goodness that got left behind

leading to

C)I really didn't want THAT picture circulating. . .

ERL said...

mmm chocolate mousse is yummy