Saturday, February 18, 2006


I watched Cider House Rules last night. What a shame that such a superb job of casting, acting, and directing was wrapped around such a disappointing story. We see the painfully obvious ending hurtling towards us from over an hour and a half away. Who really wants to know the ending that early on? Not me. For the obvious-impaired, there is an abundance of "this way, Dummy" road markers pointing directly toward the resolution of this thinly veiled (OK, you're right, it's not veiled at all) political statement. As the saccharine icing on this sad little cake of disappointment, we are treated to a mini-morality-monologue by an incestuous rapist. And in case we are really, really stupid, he actually picks up a cake server with his social sermon engraved on it and shoves a piece into our mouths. Oooh, Baby, gimme another slice. In case you were wondering (and I just know you were) religious stereotypes are still alive and well in Hollywood. Dana Carvey's Church Lady could almost have slipped in there unnoticed, LOL! Note to self: trust your instincts on Oscar-winning films. Always. **slaps self on forehead**

Well enough of that.

I've been playing an old song with the delightful title of Mr. Beveridge's Maggot. Have you ever heard a more appealing title? You can print your own sheet music here or here. (different arrangements) This is from one of the country dances in the BBC Pride and Prejudice mini. I also have the first page of Handel's Silent Worship (the song Frank Churchill sings with Emma in "Emma") but am too cheap to pay for the rest, so I must improvise after that. :oP If you click that link, it's going to make you download Scorch to see and hear it, which I highly recommend if you are at all musical, cuz Sibelius does have a TON of great music free for the printing - and not just page 1, LOL!

I guess it's time to rustle up some grub for everyone before sparring.

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