Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Photo Essay #4?

First off, shall I apologise for inundating y'all with Daniel Craig pics yesterday? Usually I try not to flaunt my obsessions too much, but I just lost control. I swear it's those hypnotic eyes. ;o) I looked back today and was slightly embarrassed at the amount of post space I gave him. :oP Y'all will lose all respect for me. And if you haven't already, this will do it:

With John off on a trip, we did, indeed, stop and get a pizza at Papa Murphy's. They build it, you bake it. My rule about pizza is that you can have soda with pizza because it just screams for it, and since we were out of low-octane, Pepsi it was. (Sorry, John - we busted into your garage stash, but Prawn assures me there's still a lot out there.) The resulting jocularity at partaking of this forbidden fruit led to, yes, a full-on belching contest. Sadly, even the 4 year-old Prawn put the Mollusc and me to shame. We 2 are the only ones who can't burp on command, so we had to rely on the bubbly nectar to aid us. Sluggie tried in vain to teach us the trick. So far we are still hopeless cases.

John made this wonderful breaded chicken the other night. The green beans steamed a wee bit too long, but everything tasted fabulous:

Trillian is smart enough to know who usually drops the most chicken:

I swear I love all my kitties, it's just that she presents us with so many photo ops.

I HEART the person who came up with this idea:

My kids are all skinny minnies - well, not mini in the short sense - they're all Amazons like me, heightwise. I'm not sure about elsewhere, but here in the States, clothes are being made fatter for the generally fatter children and I have a hard time finding pants that don't drop straight to the floor on my poor kidlets. I adore pants with these elastic waist shrinkers. And I also adore the fact that the BX/PX was selling them for 50% off and then an additional 30% off that!! Woo hoo! (I'm often easily excited.)

Mollusc has been writing a story, and I have to say that her writing is nothing to sneeze at. I'm going to have to get off my bum if I want to beat her to the published book phase. Tril has taken to ghostwriting with her:

One of the little boys in my morning TKD class is taking a break and today was his last day. He brought me flowers and a card with a Target gift certificate. What a sweetie-pie. Both he and his big brother are really lovely, well-behaved kids and they work hard - especially for kids their age. I'm bummed that he's taking a break, actually, but hoping that he will, indeed be back. His brother will still do class, so that increases the liklihood of his return. I think that financially it was just too much for them right now. Ansyway, inspired by the flowers, I think, Sluggie decided that we should have a tea-party when we got home, so she set this up:

Oh, that's before Fishy's haircut. It was time. John, here's what your son looks like now:

And the rest of you can see what I mean by "pumpkin-headed." :o)

I had to eject a kid from sparring tonight. Zoiks! I think he was testing me since I'm not the Master. Maybe things will be better now. He was being silly and falling for drama, and it was going to end with him getting kicked in the face by his opponent, so I dropped him for pushups, dropped him again when he kept on, and ejected him when he decided he didn't want to do the pushups. It did seem to make an impression on him, so I'm hopeful that now that he knows I mean business, things will go smoother next time. Thankfully, his dad was very understanding. Most people are there at least in part because they value the discipline that is an integral part of Martial Arts, but others - well with some I just don't know why they're there. I'm glad this dad was one of the ones who value discipline. Whew!

One of the reasons I showed the kids part of the LOTR movies (edited-kid-friendly-via-FF version) was because Sluggie wanted to see what Legolas looked like. She has been fascinated with Legolas for some reason - both animated and non. So ever since seeing him, guess what wallpaper has been appearing on the computers? Yup - Legolas! Tonight she found a Legolas screen-saver to round out the theme a little more. I think perhaps an archery set may loom in her future as a birthday gift. Suggestions on make/model for tall 8 year-olds? Does height matter? I'm also planning to add the archery badge to their Keepers/Contenders club work this year. Turns out she also wants and wooden sword
like Beowulf and Grendel got for Christmas. Could be a Very Armoury-Stocking Birthday.

I found an old poem I wrote back when Fishy was wee. I may post it after some tweakage. Trying to decide whether that's just too sappy. I guess I can do whatever the heck I want, huh? Maybe it's the fear of putting something so personal out there. At any rate, I've been slacking off on the writing lately and I need to get my bum back in gear.

Oh, yeah. Remember my test with the bath bombs? Uh-huh! Another hit from Unknown Country, Unknown Everything. I should stop saying bomb. D'oh!! I said it again! Oh, and again! Oh - I can't stop saying it! I said it again! (Yes - the Knights who until recently said "Ni!" and who now say Ecky ecky p'tang zootfondumbmlndmmm. . .")

**waves again, this time somewhat apologetically**

I will try to stop, really. Pretty soon they'll just look at the IP addy and go, "Oh THAT chick. Never mind." Of course, maybe that's what I'm planning on. . . **knowing look** OK, note to self - prolly not a good thing to joke about in this day and age.

Looking back at yesterday's pics again, nope, I don't think I will apologise. . .;o)


SighsofmyLife said...

I heart those jeans also. Joelle is a 12 in length, but a 6 in waist. Jill's an 8 in length, but a 4 in the waist. Those jeans save us, or my girls would be in sweats all the time!

Faltenin said...

OK, Candace - you HAVE to send me a copy of your duet story....!!!

Jay said...

Holy cow, so many stories, so many pictures! What to comment on? Think, Jay, think. She always leaves such witty, insightful comments on your site...and you've got nothing.


Jay said...

Incidentally, I think you have inspired me to have a tea party of my own.

kitkat said...

I want to live in your house! Belching contests! Hooray! Seriously, that made me happy. We burped a lot in my household, so it wasn't a special occasion warranting a contest.

Candace said...

Sighs - I'm still stunned both by the pure ingenuity of the idea, and by the fact that no one thought of it sooner. Contradictory, I know.

Fal - I'll warn you right now they're long, but if you want them, I can email them to you. You can email me at
milkmaiden at sbcglobal dot net
and I'll send them in a reply :o)

Jay - maybe if I gave you better material to be witty about it would help, LOL!

Kitkat - I'd be remiss in letting you believe that we are not regular belchers. But for some reason last night was a total belchfest - over the top, LOL! And it was a gas! :o) **boo hiss** I am still embarrassed that my 4 year old can outdo me though.