Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Wednesday Eve!

The d on my keyboard is starting to not work so well, so if I begin to blog streams of incoherent nonsense (well, more so than usual) try adding some "d"s.

Still writing. The problem is that I keep getting inspired with new ideas and wanting to go with them and neglecting earlier ones. It's nice for when I'm in different moods though - I have something to work on for pretty much every mood. :oP And I'm still writing more than reading, so those with whom I'm discussing books by now think I'm an EXTREMELY slow reader. :oP

It's that time of year again - 3 of the 4 kids are getting to the end of their math books and I have to order again. After further review, I have decided to only order for the Mollusc (10) because we were able to skip so much with both girls in the previous year's books that Sluggie can use Mollusc's old one and Fishy can use Sluggie's. Hooray! This makes me feel much better about having switched to the new
Math-U-See curriculum. :o) I was considering a different system for Mollusc, but considering that A) she doesn't want to leave Math-U-See, B) the other one costs twice as much and C) I was able to order an Honors enrichment supplement from Math-U-See -- not an option with Teaching Textbooks (the other system under consideration) we're sticking with Math-U-See. The Honors supplement is designed, among other things, to prep for higher level Science courses. I have reservations about doing pre-algebra instead of algebra with her, but it looks like there are a few topics covered in Pre that won't be hit on in regular, so the Honors supplement is a nice compromise. Besides, all those regular pages she ends up skipping will mean Sluggie will have another hand-me-down book, LOL! I have to say that math is very satisfying to teach. Except when I'm yanking my hair out. :oP But we always get there in the end.

Sluggie did, indeed, earn her Harry Potter set today with her multiplication tables. Very cool!

We have been planning yard/garden stuff. Every year we make a little more headway, but the plan is that this year we get the rest of the foundation planting in. We're planning to do pavers and a bench near the front door, too. I should take before and after pix of all this.

And on that note, some pix for your edification:

Peek-a-boo. . .

The object of her attentions:

Yes, she's an ardent bird-watcher. :oP

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