Friday, February 10, 2006

Pant, Pant, Pant

This is actually Thursday's post, but Blogger was not on my side last night. It cut out right on time, but didn't come back on time. :oP

So tonight when I was helping teach Little Kid class, the Master got out the hanging helmet for flying sidekicks and announced "your instructor will demonstrate." Oy! It's been a while since we got to do those ourselves, and I was so hoping not to make a fool of myself in front of this large group of kids and their parents, who had until this announcement been gaily chatting away amongst themselves and were now suddenly riveted on the possible spectacle to come. No pressure. Thank the Tae Kwon Do gods, I did not make a fool of myself. Whew. Well, at least not AFAIK.

I have actually had some success in helping kids learn how to do cartwheels this week. That might not sound that hard, but you try it sometime!! Demonstration is one thing - no problem - but now try to get a 4 -8 year old to actually understand and try to perform the physical motions. Yeesh!

Wow, class tonight was not as strenuous as it could have been, but we made up for it in sparring. First we lined up one on one (4 at a time.) One side had to move side-to-side only and the other side had to follow. 2.5 minutes nonstop, pant pant pant - small breather, maybe 30 seconds, now the other side chases for 2.5 minutes. My feet were burning the last time we did this. After my first round of chase and be chased tonight, they didn't. I was so proud of my feet for being tougher. After the second round (the second 5 mins), they burned. :oP My legs felt a bit like jelly.

Then we went on to relay races - 10 pulling step round kicks on a target, run to the next target, switch sides, 10 pulling step round kicks, followed by rear leg round kick, run around the cone and back to the start to tag off. I swear the hardest part was running back to the start with my jelly legs. After that we thought we were done, but first we had to jumprope with a hula hoop, backwards. Does that make sense? You hold the hula hoop in front of you, flip it over your head and jump over it as you spin it back around for the next revolution - the hoop is the "rope" and you are jumping through it. Oh yeah - WITH our sparring gear on - but we did get to take off our helmets. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself coordinated enough to do this with no difficulty. I thought it ws going to be pretty hard.

If Thursday bloggings seem to be mostly about TKD it's cuz I spend 5 hours at the gym on Thursdays. And now I have a date with the tub and dh.

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