Saturday, February 18, 2006

Speaking of the Tooth Fairy

From Drudge:

"New Bond is OW OW 7
New James Bond Daniel Craig has already failed to make the grade as tough guy - after villain knocked out two of his teeth in his FIRST fight scene!"

Ouch!! Poor guy!

I know how to make him forget his pain. **leers**

How much does the tooth fairy give for permanant teeth?? Do you think she'll remember? Maybe I should take this opportunity to redeem myself as the tooth fairy. Where's my passport? Oh, yeah, I'm still procrastinating getting one. :oP

And how does that make him fail the grade as a tough guy anyway? Bad timing doesn't make him a wimp. Although my TKD Master would have told him, "Block!" ;o)


Anonymous said...

The Tooth Fairy passed me by on a permanent tooth---then again, it was yanked out by a dentist, not knocked out :)

I couldn't wait to get my passport. I thought it made me much more worldly.

Candace said...

LOL! I know - just *having* one seems like somthing. I have to get each of the kids their OWN! Gasp! When I was little, my sis and I both went on my mom's. That's the main reason I've been procrastinating - it's gonna be EXPENSIVE. :oP

Candace said...

PS, you should go cheer Daniel up since I can't. ;o)