Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Why Yes, I CAN Hula Hoop

When's the last time you tried hula hooping? I did it just moments ago and it's good exercise! Dh thinks it's hot when women hula hoop. Um, OK. Sure is a lot of fun for less than a buck. Keep small children away from them, though, or in no time at all you will have a hula hexagon.

Legolas and Frodo are out trekking in the woods, Frodo having traded the One Ring to Legolas for an Elven charm that looks suspiciously like some beads on a safety pin. I was able to cleverly smelt The One Ring from a silver plastic ring that apparently came off of a hairbrush (so says the Slug) and gold foil from a chocolate heart. The ring is strong and in its desire to come into being, it bent my will to serve its dark purposes and I was forced to eat the heart. But fortunately I'm willing to make these kinds of sacrifices in order to save Middle Earth. This ring is such an amazing and powerful creation that I can only pray their mission is a success. Come to think of it, I'm not exactly sure what their mission is, even though I am apparently Elrond. I ought to know these things, wise Elf that I am. Perhaps I'll take a look in the scrying pool. Better make sure it's flushed first.

Meanwhile, Mollusc plays NetHack. Yep - she's been sucked into the glorious world of quaffing potions, reading scrolls, trying to rip-off shopkeepers, and eating corpses. MMMM Mmmm! She has made me proud yet again by finding a towel in the dungeon and wrapping it around her head to successfully deflect the gaze of a Floating Eye. That's my girl!

I made Lime Bars from a total cheater mix I needed to get out of the pantry, but may have to make something else A) to assuage my guilt and shame over using such a cheater mix and B) so John won't feel too left out. He's not a lime bar kind of guy.


Anonymous said...

You have totally made me want to go purchase a hula hoop! I'm pretty confident I can remember how to do it properly.

Faltenin said...

Ah yes, I like a girl who really knows where her towel is. (I love that quote)

I was netless for V-day, a shame because I had the perfect card for you, my dear..

Jay said...

Um, well, I know what hula hoops are, thank god for for the rest, ya totally lost me.

Candace said...

Faltenin, I always TOTALLY forget to celbrate Towel Day (May 25th.) I always think about it coming up to it, and then the day arrives and ffffft - gone from my mind! Great card, BTW, My Precioussssss!:o)

KitKat,m just think of how many UDIs you could accumulate whilst drunken hula-hooping!

Jay, my children are obsessed with LOTR right now. I bet you hula hoop naked dontcha? :o)